Bachir Gemayel interview – July 9, 1982

Bachir Gemayel Born on the 10th of November, another Scorpio! Bachir Gemayel ( 10 November 1947 – 14 September 1982) was a Lebanese leader and president-elect. He was a senior member of the Phalange party and the supreme commander of the Lebanese Forces militia during the early years of the Lebanese Civil War (1975–90). He was … Continue reading Bachir Gemayel interview – July 9, 1982

O!!!! My G#D

After watching this a 3rd time, It still blows my mind! Magnificent work Sir. Full playlist is here: My thoughts I would like to share. Plasma is adjacent to Dr Evil's Magma 😉 The hardest but most important thing to do for people is to cleanse their body of all the toxins and … Continue reading O!!!! My G#D