Us Downfall

Hey I will share my research/experience on this. 
China will no longer accept US dollar after June. 
They are currently putting the final touches on an international gold backed currency. the only thing in the way is an uneducated public.  Which has been and always will be done on purpose by our CIA owned media. 
The USA will no longer be able to print money to bribe, blackmail, rape and destroy the governments of the world for their resources in the name of Israel.
Believe it or not it started in 2001 when $200 billion of the World’s Gold went missing from the World Trade centre in September 11. 

For more info look up gold repatriation. Malaysia, Netherlands, German, France. 
Basically all of America’s allies in ww2. Had their gold stored in the biggest bank in the world at the time. The Twin Towers. During the September 11 attacks. $200 billion worth of gold went missing from the basement. 
The day before September 11 attacks. Donald Rumsfeld made a statement declaring that the pentagon has lost 6 trillion dollars. 
This 6 trillion dollars was not lost. It was used to create a war machine, not just on a physical scale, but mental and spiritual too. 
They had to invade Afghanistan first for the lithium and opium. Lithium is for batteries and electricity and opium is for pharmaceuticals and herein. 
All drugs in the world are trafficked through the military and politicians. Any country in the world you visit, you can find any party drug you want. It’s as common as water. Can you imagine how much boats, aeroplanes and supply of drugs you need to bring in to have a never ending supply like we currently have? IN EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY!? 
Opium production in Afghanistan is up 93% since the US invasion. Guess who guards the poppy fields? 
Yeah so they use the Rothschild banks to launder drug and war money. While people like you and me are charged $2 to print a bank receipt from atm….
All of Europe is held hostage by these criminals. Greek crisis, brexit, Italy, Scotland, Venezuela are all in a financial crisis. Through artificial debt and inflation. 
The Rothschild banks give these struggling countries paper money in the form of bank bail ins, technical term for toilet paper. Only if they agree to sign over their natural resources, produce and assets. Which they do under duress. 
They hope to use the migrants of these countries, and the war torn ones, to bring them to Australia, USA, so that they can work for cheap labour and eventually replace us, like they did with the aborigines, native AMERICANS and other previous civilisations. 
They give these new refugees government housing and 400 a fortnight and it’s enough to keep the system going, while squeezing out the people like you and me, through stamp duty, registration, insurance, tax, mortgage, etc…

Example of this, I live in Merrylands, and all of Merrylands road shops have been taken over by refugees. Many of them can’t even speak English. 
They have been here for 5 years, me 28 years. I owe Rothschild’s few hundred k for my mortgage, pay my taxes and bills. They live rent and bill free and cost nothing to employ. 
It is organised on the local scale through freemasonry. Lawyers, doctors, teachers, accountants, government offices, police, judges. They keep this system in place under the false guise of making good men better. But killing goats and drinking their blood, while falsifying our entire history does not make anyone better. 
If you are a doctor who wants to benefit humanity you will die before you get a chance. 
If you are a musician and want to inspire the world, you will be slandered like Michael Jackson until they own the rights to your art and then destroy you. 
Malcolm turnbull is a perfect example of the corruption and power they have. He is shareholder in Pfizer. They make vaccines. Him and his mason friends pass laws to make it mandatory for every kid to be vaccinated. 
It is like this in every aspect of society, from schooling, to the RTA, hospitals.
It is very evident when it’s involving large sums of money. Best example is the Construction and development industry, land rezoning happens in communities and streets in which these Masons own property in. Collusion at its finest, while houses in Sydney are over 1 million dollars. 
If you keep people struggling especially financially, they will succumbed to your every will. 
The good news in all of this, is that it is coming to an end, after 600 years of a deliberately misleading indoctrination, A falsified educational system, corrupt political and vile satanic campaign, through the flat Earth movement. 
And I didn’t even get into the organ harvesting, free energy or flat Earth. Maybe another time 😉 

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