Magic of Human Nature

You know what I realised just now, this moment. 
That when we ate those brownies at the beach that day, we didn’t feel it high, because the the beach itself, is the high, and that’s all nature and God is. Nature, Love and peace. 
And marijuana brings that mother nature effect on when we smoke it. The chemical reaction that takes place in our blood stream automatically activates the other 20 strands of missing DNA. 
But just like anything, too much is no good. Too much Love gets you walked all over. Too much fear gets you walked over. 
You gotta know your own bad side just as well as your good side to experience the beauty of God’s creation in its entirety. People, friends and family help you shape your own heart and mind. And in the end we are all just a reflection of ourselves. The good the bad and the ugly. It’s all here to make us realise that beyond the illusion, we are all the same. Strong, hungry, weak, horny. 
Every human being is a mirror reflection of yourself. God is omni present. Just like Air. Light, sound, vibrations, WiFi could not travel without it. This is the holy spirit that gives life. 
We are all the God we choose to be on this stage we call earth. It’s what’s in our heart which is forever in heaven. When we feel guilty we are down, in the pits of hell, when we feel up, we are high as heaven. 
The most powerful tool of God is humour. It makes us see life for what it really is. So laugh and joke more. Work from your heart and  Stress less. 
The Earth







Planet = plan it
Our words, our language and our emotion is the musical instrument that sings and mirrors to the heavens. As above, so below. All travels on Air. The invisible force that 

‘Thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven’
We must keep up a vibrations, stay positive, look up, listen to the birds, be greatful for all the things that we have no control over. And give your heart in everything that you do have control over. When you can control your emotions, you are in direct control of the motions of your energy. 
Give thanks to God for waking us up everyday, for giving us a thousand  second chances, through the promise of his Sun and Angels(of light) in heaven. 
We are not here by chance, we are here because we have purpose. Your purpose is what you make it to be. This is the gift of God he called the present. 
Play your part in every moment, with every person in the room. The smallest match can light up the darkest room. The smallest sound can wake up the giant, and the smallest vibration can move mountains. 
You are everything in this world in your very own body. It’s up to you what you do with it. Cause God man you in his image.

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