Heaven and Earth 


In the beginning God created The Heaven and the Earth. (Head and Heart)

Like everything in the bible this has a lot of meanings.

Here are some of my understandings of this verse.
Every human being is made up of these two things. Mind and body. Brain and heart. Mental and physical.
Heaven is psychological. When we close our eyes. Our inner most passions and emotions. How we see out. Our heaven



Earth is physical. When we open our eyes. The outside world, things we cant control. The signals to the brain. Process information. It is the mirror that reflects how we feel inside.


What we see with our own eyes.

Our perspective while standing up with our eyes open, looking straight ahead, we see perfect balance and 50/50 split ratio of the heaven which is the sky and the earth which is the land and water.

With our eyes open, we see earth. A physical creation. A physical beauty, the rainbows, the animals, the beaches, the beautiful people. It allows light from the Sun and the Moon to shine into and onto our physical being. Our eyes processes light, our nose inhales air and scent, our ears translate vibrations.
The entire range of the physical world, we call Earth, is being processed by our brain, specifically the pineal gland.

This seat of the soul determines the Heavenly Body within. Every emotion, from anger to love,  our light, our energy, our vibration. This is how heaven and earth work together.

The human body is the antenna for receiving and acting out these actions. Which were written in the stars before they were written on paper. Written in our DNA before they were found  your science.

Unnatural Chemicals and desires alter the mind, body and soul.
The heavenly bodies, the stars, the sun, the moon in the sky determine your heavenly energy on the inside. When we close our eyes. In darkness. When you are alone. This is where you have the answer to every possible question in the universe. Everything in our own mind makes sense to us.

The temperature of the sun is perfect for everyone on earth. Like a perfectly baked meal.

The way our heart beats in perfect rhythm with out lungs breathing. Without our input. It’s in autopilot.

How could we intelligently design if we ourselves were not intelligently designed.

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