Antarctica is Eden

Antarctica is Eden from the bible. 
Lucifer was kept banished out for 5000 years.  ‘The firmament showeth his handy work,’from. Psalms 19.1 and  ‘this is where your proud waves will stay.’ The sun, moon and sun only orbit our earth. Not over Antarctica. 
The sun and he’s fallen angels, we’re cast out of heaven(Eden, Antarctica) wandering stars, are the rules of our current physical realm we call earth. 
The heavens zodiac above are the rulers of our emotional. Desires and instincts. 
By Knowing the stars you can determine the kind of people you want according to their zodiac sign and blood type. 
This is the secret of it all. We need sun worship to melt Antarctica to find out more about our buried history. I believe the great flood happened less than 200 years ago. 
This is why the mining industry is the way it is. The most dominant, we are looking for artifacts. Wars are for these secret treasures. You have to be in it to win it. 
It’s even in the language. 
An Anti Arch  = Antarctica = no man’s land.
Edit and update below:

We all know the bible is encoded.. It was written in the stars before it was written on paper. 
When God created the heaven and the earth, he meant it physical and literal. 
When we stand up and open our eyes our vision is 50% of heaven, the sky, and 50% of the land or sea, the earth. 
All this is creation through the electromagnetism through elements or energy produced by the stars, sun and moon. Especially air. Air is the holy spirit. 
Heaven and earth, is also mind, (heav) and body (heart). 
Adam and eve story is the personified version of the human mind falling for the human body. 
So When Adam bit the apple, the entire earth was placed under quarantine through ice. “Cursed are you above all live stock.” 

“Cursed is the ground because of you” 

from Genesis 3
The garden of Eden is literally Antarctica being preserved and guarded from our impurities as a entire collective concious. 
Jesus is the personification of the Sun of God which brings light to darkness. His story was about knowledge to make miracles, give life and resurrection. It describes the life of the sun.
The promise of sending his only, so we can be saved forever is the Sun setting and sun rising. On a daily basis until we unlock the secret. To flat Earth. 
The 12 zodiacs are the 12 tribes of Israel or constellations or better known as Months. 
The sun is a fallen angel. Which came down with 1/3rd of the wandering stars in heaven. 

12/3 = 4, which gives us our four seasons which are determined by the 7 fallen angels. The sun, moon, venus, mercury, mars, saturn jupiter. Our 7 days of the week is determined by these elements on the corresponding days. 
They fallen angels give us our physical weaknesses. 
Over a course of 12 months every 4 months a new season begins for 3 months. Summer(life) autumn(death) winter(gather) spring (new life). 
Basic principals of all living things in order to survive under n the physical bodies. 
This is personified in the story of the crucifixion and resurrection of God’s only son. 
OK so Son of God. Sun of God easy. 
Ice is beginning of creation or it at least preserves life. Even more so from bacteria or a plague. This is where Antarctica. and the firmament comes in comes in.
The story of Able and Cain in Genesis 4. Is this a personified story of a massive Sun dying?? Is it what we now know as the moon?
Which would mean massive drop in consciousness. All over earth, even the massive trees would have died with only one sun to give them life
Genesis 5 and 6 is interbreeding and population growth. Due to lack of consciousness or light. Cause one sun has been killed. 

After the flood God makes a covenant with Adam, saying he will never destroy the earth again. He’s promise which is seen in the rainbow. After he pressure sealed us in by the glass firmament to contain the infection. Never again will waters flood down from Heaven to destroy life. And the infection has been contained. 
But it’s up to mass human conscious to wake up the sleeping sun 
Genesis 10 table of nations is when the sons of Noah were left inside earth and given their instructions. After the knowledge of stars was shared with Enoch.

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