Time on Earth 

Earth is not as old as we are taught to believe. In just 100 years white settlements have genocide Australia, America and who else knows. 
Earth is only 2017 to 6000 years old. Our history has been hidden for the last 300 years thanks to freemasonry. The bible suggests that God is plural. Let ‘us’ make mankind in ‘our’ image. 
The bottomless pit is still here, it’s at the north pole. Antarctica was frozen to preserve life from further destruction and abomination. ‘here are were your proud waves will stay.’
Nothing worse than telling someone they look older than they are… It’s degrading, this is how they make us feel old, tired and worthless. 
They hide flat earth to control and manipulate time. Think about your mortgages and debts. This is what it’s all about. The longer we sleep the longer they can play with us. 
The stars and moon tell you exactly what day of the year it is. The sun tells you the hour. Our present moment is our gift from God. Our life comes from the holy spirit which resides in everyone and everything, including the fallen angels. 
There is no good or bad, only love or fear. 

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