The selfie era

Tonight I was at a dinner with two friends, and one of them was recording me o snapchat, I casually asked, whose going to be sent to? He goes noone, I justike recording shit. 
And it hit me, so do I, I have heaps of videos of me dancing, around to Michael Jackson music. It’s timeless, it’s art. It’s beautiful. 
A physical memory of what’s inside our mind, body and soul. That can be shared with loved ones. 
And this whole technology, phone day and age, is just a reflection of the earlier post about heaven and earth. The spiritual getting a better look at the physical. Communication is almost telepathically all around the world now, live YouTube, phone calls, chatrooms
Mind blown. 
The only downside is that it’s doing alot of damage through radiation to our brain and bodies. There must be a safer way. 

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