Flat facts

For thousands of years we have been able to predict, measure and navigate by following the stars and their constellations. The sun tells us the hour of the day, and the moon tells us the day of the month. The stars tell us what month and year it is. 
Every ancient civilisation such as the Egyptians, Aztecs and Indians all knew this. They built sun dials to tell the time, in order to plant and harvest crops. They are still exact precise to the second. 
The clock on your wall or your wristwatch with the 2 hands represent the birds eye view of the Sun (long hand) and the moon orbiting the earth. 
Every country’s flag represents the moon, stars and sun, back then they drew what they saw.

The bible gives a very detailed account of our history, it’s more than a religious book. It’s mathematical astronomy personified.
Then white people and masons  came along and White Washed history. Inventing dinosaurs, evolution, spinning balls and space ships lol. 
Satellites are ground position sensors. Or cell phone towers. Keeps our entire city skyline under 200m for better reception. 

Pictures or google earth come from aeroplanes pictures, street view comes from Google cars… And we all obviously have never been upside down in an aeroplane. But apparently we live upside down in Australia lol. 
How does a space rocket ship work in an atmosphere with no oxygen, such as outter space ? 
What metal are these spaceships made of? Melting point? Lol, do you see the nonsense?  
Nothing anyone can test for themselves. 
Where as the Geocentric model is exactly what we feel, see and can measure on any given day. A 5 year old gets it, cause it’s natural. 
Gravity is just mass and density. 

Air itself has a mass which surrounds the entire earth. Anything that weighs less than air will float, ie. Helium, hot air. 
The elements on the periodic chart are the constellations of the stars, but re arranged. Like every our history. These elements are formed by the stars and constellations, like adding ingredients to a cup of water, the sun comes around and gives them life. 
It’s a biological miracle, it’s so beautiful, the horoscopes are what  determine the personality of a human being.. These are outside the firmament. 
The planets or wandering stars, are the days of the week which the star is closest to the moon. These are the fallen angels or planets. Inside the firmament. Giving off its frequency, light, sound and vibration. Also known as sonoluminescence. 
Each of these magnificent features make up the entire human body, from the vibration in our ear drums, to the sperm swimming in our testicles.
It all about balance, black, white, cold, hot, boy, girl. It’s a cycle of life. Death and new life. Just as human beings are concious so are the animals, trees and plants around us. And they all exist to give us life. 

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