Altitude and timezone


Altitude time zones are not existant cause of the 3 layers of the atmosphere. One is filled with oxygen, this is the sea level to about 3km above sea level. The other two are hydrogen and nitrogen. This is what causes the cold, clouds to form etc..

The sun’s light travels on what we know as air. As does sound. The higher the altitude on Earth, the colder it gets. Due to the atmosphere getting thinner. The sun’s rays are still shining evenly in the layers that are filled with oxygen. It’s strength is always constant. Until the chemistry is changed. This is why you can have snow in the mountains of Lebanon during the summer, and be at the beach in 2 hrs.
The sun sits in this 5000km layer, above all. Just above the slip stream of aeroplanes. The divide between night and day, we have seen the high altitude footage of a sunny day turning into darkness at 1km up. This divide could be Saturn? Or the layers of oxygen hydrogen nitrogen?




Biblically speaking God did divide the light from darkness. Before he created the sun and moon. We see this in the footage too. Lucifer the morning star aka the Sun wanted to be like the most high, but God sealed him under the firmament.
The entire chapter of Job 38. Describes the creation of the world perfectly. Right down to the hidden treasures of the snow, a reference to Antarctica.

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