Crucifix and Trigonometry 

Hey, the truth has been staring me in the eyes the entire time, and your model makes 100% sense. It is also why the crucifix is being used. I have all the proof right in front of my eyes.
It’s 4.26 am, 20 August 2017, am watching the stars.

God, works from the top to bottom. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Haha so simple. He also crreated light. Before the sun and moon. Lenses eyes or cameras distribute light. Glass. The electromagnetic spectrum, light through a prism is the give away

Otherwise the system doesn’t work. This is also the reason why all plants grow vertical, cause the prism helps store and direct energy equally and entirely through the entire earth. Like a tent.

The cross is a direction also, as in pointing up. Like an arrow pointing to the sky. .  pointing North. As in up.

And I’m guessing the constellations are where the corners or edges meet. 
As above so below, the prism. Their entire mentality of them is to be like God or the most high. So they created a society built on a pyramid structure based on human suffering. Working from the top down. 
And I’m guessing the constellations are where the corners or points of the pyramid meet. 
If the Egyptians were the first civilisation on earth, they would of chopped down the trees in the pyramid shape. As they saw it from above. Or side on, they are the only ones who would know what the heavens looked like before falling down to earth. 
This is where personification comes from. Or firmament,” Firmer Men.” 

Just like adding ingredients to a cake and heating them up, this is how our life is created. 
And the according to the Moon, Stars and Sun, your location, time and date of your birth these are the ingredients which determine your zodiac and personality, race and diet.

This is why cedars grow in Lebanon, opium grows in Afghanistan. Honey in YEMEN.  It also the reason why the countries got their flags, and will never ever change them. Lebanon has the cedars, which enabled travel.  The Turks see the Star through the moon, which determine the wandering star that brought them their way of survival. The aboriginals of Australia saw the sun, which pre-dates all. They communicated through sound, vibration.  The Australian flag once it was taken over, was the southern Cross. The stars the British used to sale to Australia,after stealing and wiping ancient cultures from Africa. This is why it’s kept hidden. From the aboriginal people, to the native Indians. 
 I’m willing to bet my life that our civilisation is only 217 years old.  Before the great flood. Which shrunk life on earth. And we were given a 2nd Sun of Life. The grains of sand on our shorelines are nothing more than 200 year old wood dust. 
The fallen angels or giants needed homes and fire too. This is why they cut them down. Mesas are old tree stumps. They once saw from the outside in. 
As above so below. About the prism, and the crucifix, depending how you draw your straight lines from point to point, will you a prism, or a triangle. You can even say it is where they got a squared plus B squared equals for squared. Lol. 
The bell just rung for 5am. God works in beautiful ways. 
To add. 

Places of worship, churches, government buildings, are nothing but old coffins, or burial gounds of the giants. When we attend these places of worship, Islamic Mosques to Christian Churches… We are empowering that God or fallen angel. Hence Bohemian Grove, or Washington Dc. Even places like Auburn mosque or the Synagogues of Israel, but Especially Masonic temples. All have underground systems, from old tree roots. 

Evidence for this is, the view tops and sunsets from the churches here in Lebanon, absolutely spectacular, and can be perfectly used to calculate the distance of every single star, sun and moon. The sunset horizons from all the churches, are breathtakingly beautiful. 

Like the crucifix we can imitate it on paper, but it will never be as naturally 3d as the beauty we see with our own eyes in real life. It hasn’t been personified until it had passed the 7 chambers of the skull, feeding the brain. Hence the 7 days of creation. 
Triangles are also shown as hazardous, road signs and exclamation marks. Arabic writing or Chinese Characters. The written English is a mix of all of them. Remember the tower of Babel? Remember jesus ascending and everyone spoke in tongues and were able to understand each other? 
Exactly what God has did to the fallen angels, the Masons are trying to create here on Earth. Whether it’s controlling the weather, or controlling resources. Or every second of our day. To the laws of society. Oppressing children against their will.
And done all this is done in secret and behind closed doors. Justt like when God created the magic of the heavens, he created in darkness. Hidden. But if you knock you will find him. 

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