Magic in the Mountains 

Thee village of Hasroun is named the Rose of the mountain. It bears fruit for the entire north of Lebanon. My grandfather chose this place as it was a central place for trade. The entire habitation of north Lebanon is resting upon the biggest cedar tree in the world. Every village from. Bcharri to Ehden, … Continue reading Magic in the Mountains 

Enter Quannoubine

  Oldest Christian Hermits found shelter here from the Ottoman Empire. Qadisha Monastry built in the 1400's and Renovated by my Uncle George Younan. Just like 2pac died and resurrected under Makaveli. I too have killed Shadie Younan and resurrected under Shadear Quannoubine. Quann'ou meaning to make him understand Bine meaning plural of people Quannoubinne … Continue reading Enter Quannoubine