Enter Quannoubine








Oldest Christian Hermits found shelter here from the Ottoman Empire.



Qadisha Monastry built in the 1400’s and Renovated by my Uncle George Younan.



Just like 2pac died and resurrected under Makaveli.

I too have killed Shadie Younan and resurrected under Shadear Quannoubine.


Quann’ou meaning to make him understand

Bine meaning plural of people



Quannoubinne is The people of  understanding.
And my primary objective is to bring you the beauty of Lebanon.



No longer will I be a slave to Australian taxes for stolen land and dirty water, air and food. That died with Shadie Younan.


I will migrate to Lebanon and continue the works of the hermits who taught me about the sacred land of Lebanon.

I am the fourth generation descendant of the Valley of Quannoubine or the Valley of the Holy Saints.DSCN0942.JPG

2 generations ago my great grandfather and grandfathers grew every fruit from pomegranates, grapes to olives, cucumbers and tomatoes in the valley. For 50+ years my own grandfathers lived in the Wedi growing and selling produce in Hasroun in order to give their offspring a better life.



They built enough houses for the entire Younan family and all his relatives. Not only his own children, but to distant relatives who also came from the wedi of Quannoubine.

When he passed away 5 years ago, God rest his soul, the fruit and the valley died with him. My uncles stopped checking on the trees and valley and in turn my family has lost their ways.


My grandfather was a giant compared to the people in today’s time. He used to pull trees out of the ground with his bare hands. He used to Walk up the mountains carrying boxes of apples, peaches, pomegranates, grapes to sell to the villagers in Hasroun. This today is 30 minute hike on an inclined mountain! He was blessed with 8 children, in which each has their own home courtesy of his hard labour in the valley of Quannoubine.



My recent trip in July til November rekindled a fire that will forever burn in my heart. Leaving Hasroun, to go live in the Wedi of Quannoubine. I saw Nd prayed in Monasteries that were built 400 years ago! I met monks and hermits. I bathed in the most beautiful waterfalls. Snapchat-1697171626.jpgSnapchat-1217429510.jpgSnapchat-1329053187.jpg

My uncles and I set up hoses for the plants and fruits, renovated our home and replanted fruit and vegetables. The timing was off but next year will be the year the Valley of the Saints comes back to life.



This is be because of the true history and importance of Lebanon dating back to the days of the Phoenician’s and way back to the time of Canaan. I have been called upon to share it with the world.


Visiting the hermits and monks I learned alot about dialect, language, words medicine and plants. Every aspect of a tree has a miraculous medical benefit. Before people had fur coats, they had tea to keep them warm.





The healing powers of Saint Charbel did alot more than just physical healing, they healed my spirit and understanding of the world. He breathed new life into my soul when he eshed the sign of the cross on my forehead.



The valley of Quannoubinne is truly is remarkable in every sense of the word. I have truly been blessed with the heritage, the heart and the soul to show it to the world.

Some one has to bring back the 70,000,000 Lebanese people living outside of Lebanon back to their roots.



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