Magic in the Mountains 

north-lebanon-mountains-cedars-13.jpgThee village of Hasroun is named the Rose of the mountain. It bears fruit for the entire north of Lebanon. My grandfather chose this place as it was a central place for trade. The entire habitation of north Lebanon is resting upon the biggest cedar tree in the world. Every village from. Bcharri to Ehden, will come to Hasroun for trade. The Cedar on the Lebanese flag is a representation of the gigantic Cedar tree  which forms up the villages of North Lebanon. As it was written in the bible.



Daniel 4:11 “The tree grew large, became strong, and its top reached the sky. It could be seen to the ends of the earth.”

This is also presented in masonic books.

After the Arez or Cedar was chopped down, the fruits fell down with it, many fruit seeds dropped into the soil thus creating new life. This is the magic of the mountain. Providing villagers with work, food and shelter. It is perfect amount of heat from the sun, and coolness from the snow.


Summer time Harvest of apples in the mountains provides 200,000 to 250,000 boxes of apples. In Hasroun alone. This does not include harvests from surrounding villages such as Haddath, Hadchit, Bcharri.



The mountains perfect climate, altitude and atmosphere creates the perfect conditions for non GMO fruit and vegetables of Every kind. Some fruits include, cherries, grapes, Walnuts, pears, plumbs, apples, tomatoes, pumpkins, watermelons, tin, potatoes, hommus, cumbers.


A full day of harvest with 4 workers will usually gather 105 boxes of apples. They are then taken to the fridge and stored for winter time. In summer season alone, in Hasroun, we get 200,000 boxes of apples.


Nuts, seeds, and leaves have all been used as natural medicines and remedies. This secret was only revealed to me in my recent trip by the hermits and monks of the monasteries which are surrounded all over Northern Lebanon. Every aspect of the tree has a medical benefit. Whether it’s apple leaves or tree bark from a Cedar, they are all magical and filled with life.



The mountains are a great place to find relaxation and time away from the world. The views are beautiful and one in a million. We are above the clouds and look down on the villages of Hasroun, people look like ants from up here.




It is something that everyone should experience once in there life time.


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