2pac Flat Earther

https://youtu.be/MnmLl6Fm1MM At the 4 minute mark, he makes an amazing comment. About the sun and the moon. Is Makaveli - 7 day theory a hint to look into the 7 days of  creation? There are numerous songs with 2pac mentioning the Zodiac, Stars, Sun. Thugs = the heavens under God's sky 

15 Brutally honest Scorpio things

15 Brutally Honest things about Scorpios Any Scorpios in the house? Being in a relationship has its tough moments along with its good bits. And if you’re in a relationship – or have been – with a Scorpio, know that being committed to one is both easy and hard, more so as compared with the … Continue reading 15 Brutally honest Scorpio things

Flowers of the Sky

Depictions spanning almost a whole millennium – in chronological order – of comets, meteors, meteorites and shooting stars. Dating far back as 1300s! For more details: https://publicdomainreview.org/collections/flowers-of-the-sky/ I wonder what kind of connection these comets have with the stars and constellations?  What do the fallen angels, Greek mythology and astrology and the Bible have to … Continue reading Flowers of the Sky