St Charbel 

The life of Saint Charbel is a unique and perfect example of Christ. 

Just like the four seasons on Earth,

Mar Charbel’s life and death prove, life after death.
He was born in 1828 in Bakafra, and died in Annanya in 1898. 
He joined the Monastery of Qadisha, in the Valley of Holy Saints, when he was 23, and gave the rest of his life and soul to God. 
He spent all his days in prayer, hymns, fasting, washing, gardening, making bread, labouring the fields, and mass. 
He slept for no more than 5 hours a day. And only ate one meal everyday at 2pm, mostly the left overs from the other monks. 
He performed mass at 11am every morning. Even though he slept on the floor in a 6sqm cell, only using a log for a pillow. 
He was an extremely devoted monk in search of Truth and God. 
He was known for his miraculous healing powers, still to this day people are being healed by praying in his name. 
MarCharbel suffered a stroke while saying mass. At 70 years old.
After he was buried in Annanya, A bright light shined from above his tomb for 45 days after his burial. 
This lead the Ottoman army to investigate. 
When they opened up the coffin they found Saint Charbel’s body looked very well alive.  
The body was sweating water, sweat and  blood. And continued to do so for the next 67 years!
We know this as fact because doctors opened up the coffin 8 times over the years, and found zero evidence of decomposition! Only the body with its smooth supple skin, pouring sweat and blood. 
All the clothing and lining of the coffins had deteriorated. But never his body. 
In 1965 when the coffin was opened up again for beatification by the pope, the only thing they found in there was his skeleton, the bones were reddish in colour. 
Many Saints who gave their life to Christ, through sacrifice and embracing the hermetic life style shared similar experiences with their bodies.

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