Built Before the Flood

Who was that “someone?”

What technology was used for the incredible feat?

When and Why was it all done?

The Maronite Christians who for generations deemed themselves custodians of the site (before they were displaced by the Shiite Moslems) told legends of the “giants” who had built the colossal platform.

According to an Arabic manuscript found at Baalbek, Nimrod sent giants to rebuild Baalbek after the Flood, whilst another tale relates that Nimrod rebelled against his God and built the Tower of Babel at Baalbek.


Other legends associate Baalbek with the Biblical figure of Cain, the son of Adam, claiming that he built it as a refuge after his God Yahweh had cursed him.

According to Estfan Doweihi, the Maronite Patriarch of Lebanon:

“Tradition states that the fortress of Baalbek… is the most ancient building in the world.

Cain, the son of Adam, built it in the year 133 of the creation, during a fit of raving madness.

He gave it the name of his son Enoch and peopled it with giants who were punished for their iniquities by the flood.”


The local Muslims also believed that it was beyond the capability of humans to move the enormous stones of Baalbek.


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