Seeds, Stars, Signs, Seasons

If you take a closer look at devils tower, you will notice it’s been stripped of its external bark.

For centuries Aboriginal, African and Native Indians used Trees as well as plants to make medicine, using bark, branches and leaves  to cure all sicknesses. Things like adjusting their body temperature to the cold were essential as clothing wasn’t a thing. 

Just as sacred as marijuana is on healing cancers and diseases, every plant on Earth has the potential to heal the human body. 

Like all natural life forms, people and plants all start in darkness, the soil, or womb and with the right water, sunlight and chemistry they all become their own beings, creators or seeders. 

 So where does the body get the ingredients for the alchemical reactions that take place in every second of the day? 

Every thought you process? Every attraction you’ve felt? 

The Sun, the moon and stars

The Stars, Let them be for signs and seasons. The stars and their corresponding elements are found on the Periodic Chart. 

This is why certain plants and animals are found in one area of the world, and other species are found else where.

According to Altitude, climate and environment the Stars orbit around the Earth is a chemical process. Where light, sound and vibration are the communication communion of the ecosystem. 

 Sonoluminescense! The heavens! 

As above so below. 

These stars are also found within the functions of the human body, through the firmament that we call our skin.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It absorbs everything. Remember, You are what you eat! 

When a mother is pregnant carrying her baby, the motion of the skies, the alignment of the stars, the temperature of the sun and moon, all play a major role in developing the human body and soul. 

 These are known as the 12 tribes of Israel in the bible, Israel meaning Isis Ra El, Sun moon, stars . are also the 12 zodiac signs or horoscopes. The Stars are for Signs and Seasons. 

While your parents DNA play the physical role to a certain extent. 

Just like baking a cake, adding ingredients actually comes from the stars above, the sun is the furnace, and the end result is Firmer Men. The armour of God. 

Helium is a gas so it floats, it’s abundance, maybe this is why the entire sky floats. Helios???? As in Helios, God of the sky! Helium, lightest element, sits above all? Heel is wrestling… 2nd to the most high…  

Everything from a laugh, smile or tear is as much chemistry as h2o being water or making a coffee.

The process of Deoxidization caused by The flood in Genesis, created the stone age if you will, a new age of material, like a caveman discovering fire. It is a main procedure for making steel.

The people who learnt to master ‘Deoxidization’ it, ended up rewriting our entire history. Enter the Freemasons for example, many see degrees as levels, but it is also related to temperature as their rituals use burning, measured in degrees.  

DMT is made of branches and plays a major role in MASONIC rituals. 

In the construction of the Tower of Babel, they had to make bricks. 

Deoxidization, body decomposing and Miracles?
Part 3 story of Saint Charbel, jesus for part 4

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