1 year to the day 

This site was created 13/01/2017.

The year that has passed taught me so much.

A list of the things I’ve learned for myself. 

  1. I enjoy being away from people, it works miracles. Especially for extended periods of time.
  2. God, Lebanon and life is more beautiful than people can ever put into words.
  3. Australia / new world order is going full steam ahead, no one can even see the corruption.
  4. It’s harder to love than hate.
  5. Life goes on for everyone, don’t be mad at your friends for not making the same choices as you. 
  6. There is a bigger world out there ready to accept you, when you learn to accept yourself.
  7. Freemason power in Australia is strong. All initiates are completely brainwash.
  8. Bio warfare is very strong, BPA did a good job of turning the Australian population into homosexuals. 
  9. Everything from Sonar to Radar to Chemtrails are used on the general population every single day to stop us absorbing information from the stars.
  10. As big as the internet is, it is controlled like everything else. In the places that matter.

So how am I going to tackle 2018?

Let bygones be bygones?

Start fresh and focus on the person that I want to become. 

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