Jesus born in Lebanon, not Judea. 


Some of my research on what was told to me by a very dear friend Father Yammine,  Jesus was born in Lebanon, not Judea. He wrote the book Jesus Born in Lebanon, Not Judea.

The Virgin Mary is from the town of Qana in Lebanon; Book Review; (March 17, 2009)


The reverend Father Youssef Yammine has recently published a book in Arabic “Jesus Christ was born in Lebanon”.

The manuscript is of 730 pages and divided into four big chapters:

  1. The other Bethlehem in the district of Phoenicia,
  2. Who is Christ historically?
  3. The Bethlehem of Canaanin the New Testaments, and
  4.  Christ was born in the district of Phoenicia, and the Virgin Mary is from and was born in Qana (Lebanon).

This voluminous book is packed with documentation, references, maps, and archeological facts.  I will reserve details in a series of notes at the end in order to recount smoothly the biography of the extended family of Jesus.


The story of the birth of Jesus goes as follows.

Joachim Omram and Hanna, the parents of the Virgin Mary, were from the village of Qana (ten kilometers south-east of the city of Tyr and at an altitude of 85 meters).  This town of Qana was called Qana of Upper Galilee and was within the district of Phoenicia during the Seleucidand early Roman Empires).  Joachim was one of the eminent personalities in the town of Qana and the region.  He was a priest and had been frustrated because he could not secure any descendents.

Joachim (Yuwakeem) took his sheep to a remote area and fasted and prayed for 40 days. Hanna was also frustrated with this extended absence and decided to take off her black cloth and washed her hair and went out in the garden.

Hanna received an apparition that she will soon get pregnant and that Joachim is on his way home.

Mary was born in Qana and her parents dedicated her to the Great Temple on Mount Carmel (Mount Carmel was also in the district of Phoenicia).

When Mary was 3 years of age, she was interned in the monastery of the Great Temple in Carmel.  Mary was one of the 12 virgins of the elite families in the region to be dedicated to serve in the temple and she was named “The Pigeon of Eel (God)“. (The Jews in Judea never allowed girls to serve in temples).

Joseph (future husband of Mary) was also from Qana and one of Mary’s relatives; he was one of the superintendents at the temple and he cleaned, painted and did the various tasks of maintenance.

Mary and Joseph got married and Jesus was born in the village of Bethlehem Tifone by the Carmel, close to the famous city of Dora by the seaside and north of current city of Haifa, within the district of Phoenicia (not in the Bethlehem of Judea).

Mary visited her aunt Elizabeth in Galilee who was 6 months pregnant.  Jesus was presented to the Great Temple of Mount Carmel for sanctification. Jesus was lost in the same temple discussing with the priests when he was 12 of years. Jesus studied in the schools of Mount Carmel.

Joseph and Mary lived in Bethlehem by the Carmel. The town of Nazareth did not exist yet and the area was called Nazareth. When Joseph died Mary returned to her hometown of Qana where her father and grandparents were buried.

Jesus spent his youth in Qana.

Jesus was called “Jesus of Mary” to distinguish him from the other Jesus.  Mary was also called “the sister of Jacob“:  Hanna had remarried after the death of Joachim and gave birth to 4 offspring; the eldest son of Hanna was apparently Jacob.


In the wedding of Qana, where Jesus showed his miraculous power of transforming water into wine, Mary was in her own town and it is Jesus who was invited and came up from Lake Tiberias to join the wedding.

After the wedding, Mary and the brothers of Jesus (Jacob, Joseph, Simon, and Judah) followed him down to Cafarnaom (Capernaum) by the Lake and stayed there for a few days and then joined Jesus’ party from then on.

Qana of Upper Galilee (The Galilee of Nations) was the location where the disciples gathered for a while after the dilapidation of the first martyr Etienne.

 Note 1: Mary received the “Good Tiding” from the Archangel while serving in Mount Carmel. Jesus was elevated to Heaven on Mount Carmel. The first church was built on Mount Carmel.

A church was constructedt in the town of Qana by the disciples and the Moslems venerate the tomb of Joachim called “The tomb of the prophet Omran“.

Qana was an important town for many centuries before Christ, and it became the main resting place of the disciples before venturing any further.

When Israel bombarded south Lebanon in 1996 for 15 days, one of the missiles made a large crater, 4 meters off the tomb of the prophet Omran.  The excavations uncovered a buried church and the tombs of the family of Omran.

Note 2: Qana is famous today because Israel massacred over 100 civilians and gravely injured 120 when her bombs targeted a UN compound in Qana in 1996.  Israel hit that same town again in 2006 and killed 50 more civilians.


Note 3: I may conjecture that Mary retained the title of Virgin because she earned it serving as one of the virgins in the Great Temple.  There is this tradition in the Levant to bestow the title of nun and priest for even those who later relinquished their sacerdotal duties.


Note 4:  I may be bold to offer another conjecture.  Joachim was sterile and Hanna was impregnated by her relative who later became her second husband.


Note 5:  Jesus was not Jewish. His family and ancestors were forced by the Jewish KingArestopoulos to abide by Moses’ Law and be circumcised since the year 103 BC.

The Jewish historian of the Jews Josephus never mentioned Jesus or the crucifixion: Jesus was not considered a Jew!


Note 6: Jesus was highly educated.  He could speak Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek and Latin. He studied Law and taught Law at the university in Sidon (Lebanon)


Note 7:  The name Jesus is also called Emanuel (Amanueel) which mean “Eel (God) is among us”. Thus, “God was made human“.


Note 8: The astrophysicist Reznicoff confirms that the Comet Halley that showed the way to the sages crossed Galilee and not Judea.


Note 9:  Jesus was born in the year 7 BC andCaesar’s census was done in the year 10 BC, 3 years before Jesus birth.


Note 10Herod the Great learned about the birth of the “King of the Jews” from the magies as he was boarding a ship in Akka (Acre) to Rome.

No historian ever confirmed the mass killing of males of two years and less during the reign of Herod.


Note 11:  There are indications that Jesus entered Jerusalem for the first time when he was crucified.

No wonder that Jesus experienced a cultural chock when he witnessed business and usury transactions within the temple.

Jesus got hold of a whip and chased out the merchants and turned their tables over and declared: “It is said that the temple is the house of God and not a cavern for thieves”.


Note 12:  Jesus was also called Rabbi (Rabuny) which means teacher in Aramaic.  Jesus said to his disciples: “Do not let anyone call you Rabbi since you have only one teacher in Christ and you are all brethren”


Note 13:  Jesus wore the same long white robe that the Essenes sect of Mount Carmel wore; the consecrated members were called “The White Brethren” and they were famous as healers.

The Essenes had many branches in Galilee and a prosperous one in Alexandria (Egypt) and had places for welcoming travelers and the sick.

John the Baptist, who never left the region of Galilee, baptized with water as of the Essenes traditions and baptized Jesus.

Note 14:  Israel bombed Qana twice: Once on April 18, 1996 on a UN refugee compound and a second time in July 2006.

Yammine used proofs from references of Batlimos maps and from a modern Russian Astrologer who insured that the star Hubble who lead the “Majoos” to the grotto where Jesus was born passed above Bethlehem Canaan not Bethlehem Judea. In his book there are old maps that shows the presence of 2 Bethlehem at that time.



Important points from the book:

1. Joseph and Mary didn’t travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem Judea because Nazareth didn’t exist at the time when Jesus was born. Nazareth didn’t exist until the second decade after Jesus was born.

2. Joseph and Mary were not from Bethlehem Judea neither from David’s descendant nor Jewish.

3. Bethlehem Judea was not David’s city but Jerusalem was.

4. The distance between Nazareth (if it existed back then) and Bethlehem Judea is too long for a pregnant woman so it’s not realistic for her to be able to travel that distance.

5. The Russian astrologer Alexander Reznikov proves that Halley’s Comet (I wrote Hubble bad!) was in fact the star that was seen from Bethlehem Galilee which led to the grotto where Jesus was born.

6. Old maps that show us the presence of a second Bethlehem other than the one in Judea.





The world at the corn says that Joseph was born in Lebanon and not in Judea. “My book is shocking like the birth of any newly created person or as death or the discovery of the divine or the great universe … The book may be more shocking because it is like a bomb.”

“The book contains dozens of maps, arguments, evidence, direct and indirect evidence in many ancient and modern languages,” continues Father Yamin. “This discovery is based on research. Historical, geographical, “tabunome”, “topological” and maps, and has nothing to do with Christian or doctrinal religion or the teachings of Christianity.

In the same context, Le Monde de la Bibli, an Israeli archeologist, revealed that Bethlehem, Galilee, which is Canaanite, is the true cradle of Jesus Christ, pointing out that the book of the Holy Gospels said that Christ was born In Bethlehem of Judaism to bring it closer to Jerusalem. ”

In an earlier interview with the OTV in the” Breakpoint “program, Father Yemin considered that Bethlehem is east-north of Mount Carmel (formerly Canaan) – 30 km south of Lebanon – Ras Naqoura), which is currently discovered by French and German archeologists … It was called “Ephrata” (2) was “He said.” This village is well-known and well known by scientists and by Palestinians and Israelis alike, “he said.

Father Yemin has revealed that the tombs of the family of Christ to the face of his father Joseph and his mother Maryam are also present in Lebanon in Cana of Galilee “Christ is Canaanite and not Jewish at all … The inhabitants of Qulayah, near Qana, have stopped Israeli bulldozers from bulldozing this place because the Israelis want This fact is obliterated … The Virgin is Canaanite and not Jewish because Jewish women were not allowed to serve in the temple of the Lord, unlike the Canaanite Virgin Mary – Athenian, who was forced to serve the Lord from the Cana of Galilee … Thus Christ lived in Lebanon, French “Ernest Renan” strengthens To: “Virgin Mary after the death of Joseph returned to her village Cana Galilee in Lebanon … Christ lived in Lebanon and his first wonder was where he grew up …”.

It is considered right that Jewish women do not serve in the Jewish temple. Ancient historians, including the Arab “Tabari”, say that the Virgin Mary served in the Canaanite Temple of Asini (3) in Mount Carmel.




Jesus’s mother Mary used to wait for him at the top of a hill in South Lebanon in a town called Maghdouche, very close to Saida.
today, there is a statue for her in the exact same spot, and a church right next to it …

also, Qana is where he performed one of his most famous miracles …


the question is, how come Christians worldwide and even in Lebanon do not care that much about these sites.
Why is visiting the Vatican closer to Jesus than visiting where he stepped and lived?




See the map. Scientific facts confirm: “Christ was born in Lebanon and not in Judea

Because history began to sweep away the dust of facts forgotten by scientific documents, it became totally inappropriate to follow a suspicious tradition. The Nazarene Christ, the incarnate God, was not the human nature of the son of the Jewish environment, nor of David’s descent at all. He is the son of the Lebanese environment in general and the Galilee region of Mount Carmel in particular.

See the map – in large size – that prove the existence of Bethlehem in Lebanon Galilee

These facts and others revealed by Dr. in the science of corn, Father Joseph Yemin in his book “Christ was born in Lebanon, not in Judaism,” and highlighted the scientific evidence:
Hundreds of facts prove the proportions of human Christ – the humanitarian of the Canaanite Canaanite environment, which we summarize for history, truth and the Lebanese with the following:
– the universal “il” civilizationShe was preparing and waiting for the coming of Christ. According to that civilization, the gospel of Christ is Emmanuel, “God is with us”. (Matthew 1:23)

– Western archaeologists confirm that Bethlehem, which was administered by the Christian believers near Jerusalem – 12 km – did not exist during the days of Jesus Christ. Christ was born in Bethlehem of Galilee – east – north of Mount Carmel (the land of Canaan) – about 30 km south of Naqoura, and historically the Upper Galilee was following Tire. It is currently being discovered by French and German archeologists … It was called “Ephrata” to distinguish it from the other southern Bethlehem, and this village is discovered and well known by scholars and by both Palestinians and Israelis. ”

– Judaism does not know BaptismAbsolutely. How can they explain the baptism of Jesus Christ and the baptism of John the Baptist? The scientific explanation clearly reveals that John the Baptist and the family of Christ (Mary and Joseph) are of the Asenite community – a Lebanese monastic spiritual stream – (there is no mention of baptism in the Bible).

The Virgin Mary. Historical documents say that the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph used to serve in the Asini temple, and the latter worked in the structure of Mount Carmel in Lebanon. Bethlehem – Galilee – the birthplace of Christ was the town of the Virgin Mary. “Everyone acknowledges that Jewish women do not serve in the temple , and this is not the case of the Virgin Mary , who has been serving in Asini structure, Valoscenion do not distinguish between men and women. Christ the son of Lebanese civilization – the Phoenician and the rank of ” Melchizedek. ”

– Christ on the Cross addressed Il – the God of the Canaanites. On the cross, Jesus did not say, “El El, why did you not leave me?” He said, ” El-il, how many have you glorified me?” He explains: “Wrong. If Jesus (the Son) addresses his father (the Father) on the cross to the Canaanite Lebanese people and does not address the “Jew” because he was a Jew, Lebanese Canaanite not Jewish.

– The Catholic magazine ” La Revue de la Bible” in France revealed that Israeli archeologist “Avram Oshri”

– The shrines of Mary and Joseph in the few near Qana of Galilee in southern Lebanon. In his book “The Messiah was born in Lebanon, not Judaism”, Father Yemin reveals that the tombs of the family of Christ for his father’s efforts to educate Joseph and his mother Mary are also present in Lebanon in the “few” near Cana of Galilee “Christ is Canaanite and not Jewish at all … Near the town of Qana, stopped the Israeli bulldozers from bulldozing this place because the Israelis want to obliterate this fact …

– The French historian Ernest Renan considers that Christ lived in Lebanon: “The Virgin Mary after the death of Joseph returned to her village of Cana Galilee in Lebanon. Christ lived in Lebanon and his first miracle was where he was raised and raised. ”

– Tabari: The historian says The ancient Arabs, including the Arabs “Tabari”

Archeology . The discovery of archeologists in Bethlehem of Galilee that the layers of the earth contains three churches … The oldest burned by the Jews in the year 100 AD. The Jewish city of Bethlehem, which Christians visit, was built in 339 AD. The cemetery was public.

– a compelling fact: the culprit “Halle”:It is known that the “Comet Halley” passed near the Earth on March 19, 1986. He was seen by the naked eye many people … and was the subject of many astronomical and scientific studies by many astronomers, physics and chemistry. These recent studies have given new and very important information. The most prominent astronomers who were interested in studying the world famous Soviet Alexander A. Reznikov. The study of this astronomer is linked to the “Halle Comet” in the real Bethlehem of Lebanon. The most prominent facts are: + Halley is the same star of the birth that the Magi saw in the east + “Halle comet” never passed over the Jewish Bethlehem known today, the comet has passed according to astronomical and geographical studies over northern Palestine Galilee region. + The astronomer Rizhnikov literally calls Bethlehem, which passed over the culprit in the Canaanite Bethlehem, and is based on the “Jewish Encyclopedia” in English, which says ”

the map.
The map we publish is dated to 1859 in his book, History of Syria – Bar Sham – “Bethlehem of Lebanon at the top of the arrow and Jewish Bethlehem at the head of the lower arrow, and the distance between them.” As shown to any areaswere extendingmandateBeirut inOttoman era and it includes,addition tosouthLebanoncountrySafed, Acre Sanjak, Nazareth, Haifa district innorthPalestine


Site cannot be found. But the majority of this text comes from a Lebanese message board. @@@

Good thing now would be to look up the Jewish archaeologist. AVRAM OSHRI which brings up alot more results and information

^ great source! With bibliography, archaeological digs.

^ talks about the knights of Templers!! More supporting arguments.

And another

Bible verses in this article

Reading all this is so fascinating, reassuring and undeniable.

First, there is no archaeological evidence that Bethlehem was occupied during the period that Jesus was born. Second, there is a little town called Bethlehem in Galilee (near Nazareth) that was occupied at the time that Jesus was born and some of the locals believe that Jesus was really born there. Third, he found the “remains of the strong fortification walls among olive trees on the edges of Bethlehem of Galilee, and he suggests early Christians built it to protect the real site of Jesus’ birth.”



Ontop of all this, why would they call him Jesus of Nazareth and not jesus of Judea?

people of Israel or Israelites, are the people who live under the gods Isis Ra and el. The sun the moon and stars. This is all humans.

Israelites lights of Isis Ra el.

In the movie blade, the vampires can not come up during the day, which is why most Jews in Bondi, Sydney, rarely seen during the day, if ever..

This is why they work in the dark (behind the scenes)? And in darkness (evil)?

I hope you find this as mind blowing as I did!!

Avram Oshri is the name you need to google. His job gets him more spot light being an archaeologist.

This is amazing!! Lol

Happy hunting, your going to love it.

Here is a map to guide you along the way 🙂

Maybe I am a white dove and I just don’t know it yet. 😉

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