As it is in Heaven 

It was written in the Stars before it was written here on Earth. 
‘In the beginning, God created the Heaven and the Earth.’ 
‘Our father whose art is in Heaven’, ‘… Thy will be done, on Earth, as it is in Heaven…’, and ‘Give us this day, our daily Breathe’.
The only reason why February is a leap year is because we have been following a (sun) heliocentric calendar and not Mother Nature’s calendar. The 28 day Moon cycle. 
The 28 day moon Cycle, of perfect 28 days, 7 days a week is in perfect harmony with creation, fertility and motherhood. Which is represented by the Moon in the stars, and mother Mary here who walked this very Earth we share. 
We all share the same number of teeth and bones from birth. 5 fingers on 2 hands, 2 eyes, 2 legs. Well these numbers are also aligned to the number of days, months and years of the Lunar calendar. 13 joints, 52 bones in both your feet. And 28 phalangees on your hands. 
In Islam it is Miriam, different translation of Arabic text, which was lost during the invasion of the Ottoman empire. Jesus is mentioned in the Quran more times than Mohammed, and they too believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ. 
This is almost common knowledge in all of Lebanon which is why we have peacefully lived side by side with each other. This is the reason why Middle Eastern countries worship the Moon, and White UK countries support the Union Jacks. Pacific Islands share the Southern Cross. Unique visuals for the paths of the moon and stars, that haven’t changed in 5,000 years. (in India they built this clock using the shadow of the Sun – 8,000 years ago in Konark) 
Both faiths, actually all faiths wear their wedding rings on the left hand, on the same exact finger. This is because this finger is connect to the artery of the heart. The gold dissolves manoparticles through our pours and cleanses our blood. I want to reinforce that doesn’t matter if your black or white. 
Ying and Yang, bros n sisters. 
The biggest secret on Earth is that Jesus was born in Lebanon, more specifically Qana, in south Lebanon, or as it was known back then in the time of Jesus, Galilee of Nazareth. Archaeological digs have discovered under ground temples or churches. Almost forgot to mention that Israel bombed this place in 2016 and as far back as 1996. And have been trying to invade it since 1948. Through migration crisis. It is now heavily protected by Hezbolla.
Just like many modern day heroes, such as Tupac, MJ, they are still slandered before, during and after life. And the same is true for Jesus Christ. The 2nd coming is a revolution on the conscious scale. It’s a war on information, and now you have it. Take the time to research further into it. This is just the tip of the iceberg!
St Charbel of Lebanon, is a living, breathing, gearing testimony to every single person on Earth that has been cured in his name, for the sacrifice he made to dedicate his entire living breath to God. He used to move leaves to save them from being trampled on by the donkeys. 
Let us be more like Jesus Christ and sacrifice our comfort lifestyle for a life full of meaningful praises to our Lord daily, just as much as the Muslims do. The only thing missing in anyone’s life is genuine, humble communication, firstly within ourselves, and secondly with others. 

Heaven is within, Earth is external. “thy will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

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