The oldest government in the world.

The freemasons 

Yes, they are called the Freemasons. The men behind the curtain. The ones who pull the political strings in every country. The government only exists to keep them in power. 
They even tell the Pope when he can use the bathroom. Lol. 
They work on a local scale too. Mostly bank managers,  lawyers, judges, police, politicians. Members of the cult deny their membership out of shame. Their business model is built on human suffering and deception.
It’s 2017 as if this ain’t common knowledge. 
All you have to do is look at the education system and the way they treat disease and sickness. To see how bad the corruption is, worldwide. All our doctors and public figureheads are silenced with death or blackmail. 
It’s worse than Islam cause at least you can identify a Muslim or jew. These guys use body language and hand gestures to identify each other. We say black, they mean white when they use the same words as us.  Even in court rooms to sway the judge. They Will smile to your face, while planting a bomb in your car. 
These guys will sell out their mothers for their ‘brothers’. It’s part of their oaths taken during initiation. If you are not one of them, they will destroy you and your business. 
They play both sides of every conflict. They have their own GEMATRIA language which is on the news every night in hidden code. ABCDEFG = 1234567, HIJKLM = 654321 then again reversed NOPQRST = 1234567, UVWXYZ =654321. The Holy Bible is encoded like this top. The words in headlines reflect messages encrypted by this code. This is why the 3 major news networks play the same news stories. Some say they even wrote the bible. 
They are very, very well organised and their power is in their silence. They use gaslighting to torment their victims.
Some say they are good some say they are devil worshippers. From the ones I know and met, they are only. Interested in money, very rich and powerful. The devil worship part comes from the goat sacrifice and drinking wine from a human skull undertaken during initiation.  
Prominent members include President Vladimir Putin, George Bush, Einstein, Pythagoras.. It’s been around forever. Some say it comes from the KKK. in Scotland. I. E Scottish rite. 
All you have to do is flip NSW/MSN upside down and you will see how they put everything in front of your face. 
I don’t think it’s 100% bad, but it’s alot of brainwash especially to the new recruits. As you move higher up the ladder, the more you learn you have been deceived. 
The earth = theatre. 

Free mason = Ransom fee. 
Their oaths consist of never going to jail and tax and business benefits. A majority of members are gay.  Members are loyal because of the oaths undertaken and unlimited supply of sex and drugs. 
It once used to represent sacred knowledge and searching for the truth, and history of our human race. But like all things it has been corrupted, by its own weight. 
Freemasons right now are at War within themselves and other secret societies. They are all turning on each other on the political level. 

This is why the flat earth secret has been revealed. It’s part of the ‘apocalypse’ which means the ‘unveiling.’ 
We are living in very interesting times. ANTARCTICA holds the biggest secret on Earth. 
I read the bible every night before I go to bed and thank God for waking me up every morning. 
I have been a victim to their games. Which is why I know so much. If my writings and experience help someone else to wake up and investigate it, than I have served my purpose here on Earth.  
I have never been to a lodge, but they have extended the branch to me. I would like to join for the hidden knowledge and to learn more. But if it means I have to do to someone else what they have been doing to me, I’d rather die homeless. It’s alot of emotional abuse to unwilling victims, to turn a profit. With what I know about masons and God. I know God will prepare a special place in hell for me, if I joined. 
Ephesians 5.11 from the Bible says, 
‘Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. ‘
At the end of the day there’s nothing to be afraid of. They are just old men looking for a laugh. But the ones who take it seriously have no problem in killing for a profit, or turning a blind eye to rape and child sex abuse. As long as their habits are taken care of. 
And if you think this is made up, look at the Gmail logo, it’s a Master Mason apron. 
Turning a blind eye to it doesn’t mean it does not exist. With everyone around the world waking up to the corruption, it’s only a matter of time before our true history as a collective human race is revealed to us. 
People are like water, in drips and drops we are weak, but as a group we can flood the earth. Our entire human collective conscious grows, so too does the environment we live in. It is planting seeds for the next generation. And this is their biggest fear. People United. They are unites by their motto ‘divide and conquer.’ ‘order out of chaos.’ this is why 2pac says fear is stronger than love. They killed him. 
I have no fear in speaking openly and truthfully about it, because deep down God already knows my purpose and whats in my heart. 
Every person we meet in life is  reflection of ourself. Every mistake we don’t learn from,  Is repeated until It is learned. This is why history keeps repeating itself. Good people sitting back in silence, while the other 60% of the population have to suffer. At the hands of a select few. 
It’s alot of Lebanese in the Masons, I know Lebanon sits on the 33rd parallel. But I don’t understand the attraction to it. Maybe they have chosen me to speak on there behalf? I didn’t choose to find this stuff. Every experience in my life has lead me to this awakening. 
Whatever it is its real and we have every tool to stop the corruption in our government. Literally overnight. It starts by simply changing our ‘tax invoices’ to ‘gifts’. If political parties can accept 100m in ‘gifts’ from these companies, why can’t we? Our precious time on Earth is a gift, not a service. When I work I work from my heart, not for money. I consider this a gift. Why can it not be used for everyone in every business? Why is this only acceptable for prostitutes and politicians? And not hard working citizens? 
As I write this I just put 2 and 2 together and figured out it’s the science, health, m oil and mining Industry that has corrupted every industry on Earth. Including the Freemasons. Freemasons on the higher levels are their most powerful tools they have at their disposal. Which then works it’s way down the pyramid. 
Corporations > masons > you and me. The same oil companies bought the church in the 1600s when the church was broke. And corrupted it ever since. By removing books from the bible and even banning it. We all know how much the Christians were persecuted. 
They also bought the entire Britannica encyclopaedia in 1890. At volume 9,and released their own rewritten version at volume 11. The ROCKEFELLER family, the same one jay z raps about. Biggie even shouted out Richard d Rockefeller in a song. 
The Rothschild are the beneficiaries and signatories of the Vatican bank. 

2 thoughts on “The oldest government in the world.

  1. Hi, want to let ya know since you are looking for truth, then look for truth in religion to see if it is true or not, do you look for truth in religion or not?? So, there is no Hell since God is not cruel to torture people in hell, but will cause them to be destroyed with little pain or no pain, so he is Love in everything so no hell, what do that means to you if there is no hell? Ya believe Christ is God or Messiah? Or both?


    1. Hi Mellow03,
      I don’t believe in any religion, I do believe Jesus Christ walked the Earth and was the perfect example of humanity.

      I enjoy studying ancient texts like The Bible and the Quran. These are history books that teach us how to rebuild a civilisation after it has been destroyed. How it was destroyed and why it was destroyed.

      I agree there is no hell, but there is evil. Men who withhold knowledge and wisdom from their brothers and sisters on Earth have no place here. As mentioned in Proverbs 6:12

      To devil worship is to do evil, hence D-evil. This is what these people do by ignoring and hiding our true history. Which can be found in the Bible, Quran and many other texts.

      Their biggest secret is they are tracking the Sun, as another natural catastrophic event is coming soon. Where the Sun will rise in the West and Set in the East. As mention in Matthew 24:22 and in the Quran “The last day will not come until the Sun rises from where it sets. When people see it, people on Earth will have faith. (Sunan Ibn Majah, volume 9 p. 4362)”.

      I understand that not everyone can be saved, thus hiding the knowledge, but if all of humanity were aware and informed, we can help prepare to survive it.

      Peace and thank you for commenting.


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