65,000 years of Aborigine

They lived 65,000 years without a pen or paper. Like most of our grandparents TODAY. 
Who needs Buildings…? They walked around naked all day lol whats better than that?

They also had no tax or debt, no rent to pay, no cancer or sickness, no traffic and no cars. No alcohol, no war, no financial stress, no vaccines, no poverty and definitely no insecure old white men sleeping with their children. Lol

Tell me what do you prefer? Disease, autism, fluoride in tap water?
the ever abundance of harmony with living with the land? farming, gathering, dancing, celebration?

There is alot that they did not have. But the things they had were priceless. They had real freedom. They had a connection to their source of life. And most importantly access to basic human rights such as clean water.

Ironically, they had everything our entire ‘educated’ country inspires to have. Food, shelter, freedom and security. Guess how much they paid for it?

Also a building doesn’t make a society great or civilised. There is no difference between your bedroom, your office at work or a prison cell. They are all held up by 4 walls and a ceiling lol. If you are lucky, you probably have a choice in the colour of paint. But nothing else. Lol.

And If you knew how freemasonry works, you don’t even get to choose your own friends, in this great and free society.

So big fkn big hooray for designing buildings lol i build them for  a living, we are using a backwards method that only profits the oil and mining industry. Using hemp we can change the world in a 4 month cycle.. Just like nature and God, intended.

Fkn straya cunt!! Jeez I Can’t wait for for state of origin 2018 lollllllll. Oh yeah and the new iPhone!! And maybe a new car, that still uses the same petrol as the cars in the 1800s lolll.. But this one’s newer, so it’s better lol!! So cool and so new I feel so good and wanted lol.

These ancient technologies of living with the land should have been taught 20 years ago. but our oppressed society is so easily amused by grown men in short shorts grabbing each other, video games, men in spacesuits, pokie machines, cocaine and Kim kardasbian. All as excuses to escape the reality that they have built.

So yeah oh wow. Hooray for buildings lol. I thought freemasonry was supposed to make good men better, not buildings. Lol. Sending us back to the stone ages with their Flintstone politics and aprons.

We are definitely living in the dark times. Well as much as the masons hate it, I’m here to turn the lights on in this bitch. They sent their wives, their cash and I still refuse to pass on their psychological abuse. It’s not for me. We are here to elevate, not to divide and spread hate. 

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