Sand glass sawdust? and the secret class


Every grain of sand you have ever laid eyes upon, comes from the saw dust from chopping down giant prehistoric trees, by the civilisations before us. When sand is heated it turns to glass. If the Ancients knew this, why don’t we?

The reason it ends up on our shores and beaches is because of its buoyancy relevant to water. Which means, it is lighter than water, so it floats, does not sink. The waves push all the lighter objects to the shore. Where the sand accumulates.


Egypt used to be a gigantic rainforest, before the oil industry started mining for oil. Oil itself is the blood of our dear mother Earth. Now Egypt is a desert.
ALL pyramids used to be giant trees. But they were cut down into their shape. By cutting up on a 45 degree angle. Cape Town in South Africa is a great example of prehistoric trees. A local one in Australia is Uluru. The have been cut straight across.


After the great flood, every carbon based life form turned to stone (silica) due to lack of oxygen or drowning. This is how we get carbon dating. Every ring around a tree stump represents the number of orbits the sun has made above our beautiful Earth. Inland Australia is now desert cause of the same reason. Every stone, rock or mountain used to be or came from a tree, that turned to silica due to drowning. It’s a natural repeatable phenomenon.

1024x1024 (5)

Trees create oxygen, the more oxygen, the more life. Trees are networks, have feelings and are very aware of their purpose. They transmit information to all sources of life including us. AIR is the most important characteristic to life. It is the electrical current of the human body, and the entire economy system we call Earth.

If our government want to blame anyone for global warming, disease, or terrorism. They should blame the Zionist owned Oil industry, who also OWN the education, tobacco, alcohol, encyclopaedia, media, political arena, medical, science, banking and energy industries. Everything that is ‘illegal’ is there to protect these people from losing power, right down to something as innocent as planting a tree. As it is a direct result of tremendous competition.


It’s even seen on the Lebanese National flag, I can’t be the only person who understands this?! Not to mention all the biblical references.


They also bought the Roman Catholic Church in the 16th century, when the church was broke. They removed important parts out of our current bible. The person who is in charge of signing the cheque book at the Vatican, is not the Pope, nor it is an individual, it’s a group of men.

With their immense wealth, fraud and deception, they control all secret societies. They are the secret within a society, they are the Zionists, Jesuits and higher ranking Freemasons.

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