Silence: a great man once said, bad guys can only exist when good guys say nothing.

The Paedophile wall of silence.
The Freemasonry oaths of silence.

Sound: Voice, music, soul, RECOGNITION.

“In the beginning God said…”
The world was created by the Vibrations in Gods voice, when he spoke.

I would like to make a note here also, that the Sun and Moon were created after the Earth.

So the spoken word is the most powerful tool, weapon, resource in the entire World. Words are created by thoughts, intentions, inspirations, emotions. Which all resonate with the frequency and vibration of your Heart.

It has the power to create entertaining conversations to creating music and it has the power to blaspheme, decieve and destroy.

Your ear drum plays the direct connection to your mind and body. The more in tune you are to the voices around you, the more comfortable you feel. From the topic of conversation to the sound of someone’s laugh, you will associate or talk to people who make you feel the best way possible.

Its a double sided sword. When you dont like the environment your in, example a class room, you tune out. You dont care or listen, your brain switches off.


The most amazing thing about the Ear is that, you can never intentionally stop absorbing the vibrations in the world around you. Unless you physically choose too. So you are constantly receiving, and giving out signals and vibrations through your heart and ear. Subconsciously without you ever having to think about it. Isnt it amazing.

And those tiny voices in your head, are just demons and angels, telling you to take the bigger road aka God’s road, or the shallow route, the demons road.

Just like every single unbreakable natural law God created for the Earth. The Demons can manipulate your thoughts by always having you thinking negative about yourself.

So listen to the voices of love, positive, creation, imagination, wonder and passion. This will help your heart process and produce a even greater frequency for the entire world to tune into.

And this is why I will never ever stop admiring God’s creation.

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