THE EAR of dance

Life starts with voice, both giving and receiving. Following cymatics and pi we quickly see the spiral pattern starting at the ear, forming a brain and eventually the entire body. 

What wakes us up from our sleep? Sound. The spoken word which causes vibrations is the beginning and the end. Vocal chords, ear drum, heart beat, we are God’s musical instrument. 

The ear drum is the bass of the heart beat. A heart beat is current of electricity transferred into energy. Through the veins into your vital organs and muscles, your feet, hands, solar plexis, all your Shakras are activated through dance.

Energy in motion = Emotion = e=mc2 

Intention through thought produces the kinetic energy to get the heart beat in motion to create whatever your heart desires.

Energy in motion creates emotion. 
Vibrations through voice and sound have the ability to alter matter. They can be healing or they can be destructive, depending on their frequency. Unfortunately through ww2 ‘technology’ radio, TV it is used for negative impact on emotional and intelligence. 
Through the metals in the Chemtrails, we are more susceptible to these negative energy weapons. Which is the reason for all stress, autism, cancer, depression, anxiety.  We breathe in lithium, aluminium, mercury every single day. 
The metals in our blood stream and lungs cause us to be bogged down and feel really slow. This is because these chemicals slowly destroy all messages to and from the brain, heart, organs and glands. Without you ever noticing it. 

Dehydration plays a major role in brain damage. Which is why Australian water is regularly poisoned with fluoride and chlorine. These are to destroy your hormones via your endocrine system which in turn shuts down your reproductive system. 
Please drink plenty of water. Now that you are conciously aware of this, say a prayer and your body will subconsciously build immunity to this, if you treat your body right. And this is done by training hard and eating light.  

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