The Facts of Matter. 

Flat Earth is the true shape of our home, according to all flight paths, emergency landings, shipping routes, compasses, spirit levels that we build buildings with, all international communication is run under ground, all satellites are fake, they are just ground based cell phone towers, this is why buildings are only 200 storeys tall. So you can get reception. Go into the bush and you have no reception, cause there are no buildings or cell phone towers nearby. 
Sun is hot, the Moon is cold light. Darkness and light, masculine and feminine, night day, black and white it’s all duality and in perfect sync with our human body and every other living organism from plants to animals on Earth < Heart.

Gravity is not real, it is density and mass that causes objects to fall. This is because AIR is a gas, a natural element, that is tangible and measurable. Gravity the force that is so strong that it can hold 75% of the water on earth? But all the clouds move and float.

Say air weighs 000.1 grams, and a tennis ball weighs 0.5grams. The ball will fall because the air around it can not support the mass of the ball. Simple.

Smoke rises because it weighs 0000.1. For detailed information you have to look at the periodic table of elements. Helium balloons go up because Helium weighs less than Air.

Same thing at the gym, the more weight you add to the bar, the more force you have to create inside yourself to lift that weight. Gravity is not pulling the force down, it’s the weight that you just added!

The Natural laws
Water is always level, no matter what happens, a liquid when spilled or contained will travel evenly in all directions til it finds its natural level. Water will contain the object it is in, It will never surround and stick to the outside of anything. This is why water spreads. Do Fish also defy gravity? any beachball held down under water will push up upon release, cause water weighs more. These are all natural laws of physics. The mass can be measured. Gravity can not. Never has been, never will be. It’s like Santa Claus or the tooth fairy. 

There is no curvature anywhere on Earth. Bridges, buildings, railways, tunnels built all over the world never ever have to factor in the curvature of the earth. Which they say the mathematical formula for is as follows, For every mile their should be 8 inches of curve. 

We have seen buildings and mountains from over 223 miles away. Straight bridges in China for over 100 miles. No curve in sight. 

Horizon, no matter how high up or low down on Earth you go, the horizon will always come to your eye level. We have all seen the highway, we know the road is there, but the laws of perspective brings everything to eye level. The road and the sky meet at a convergence point. Which is responsible for the sunset.

The clock that we put on our wall is inspired by the orbit of the Sun and Moon over our heads. Like spot lights. This is why we grow up at 90 degrees. Same with trees, everything grows in the direction of light. The firmament makes sure we absorb the light from every single direction. 

Sundials built in temples 3000 years ago in India, are accurate to the same exact second of the day as today. This would be impossible if we lived in a spinning ball. All the constellations of the stars have always been the same and have never moved, they are all exactly where they have been since the beginning of time.

Buddha once said, the three things that can never be hidden, the sun, the moon and the truth. Now we know why.

It all comes down to free energy. And alot of rich people invested in oil and propped up stock market and defended by War, like the one we have today in Syria, Yemen, Iraq. Our entire education system has been infiltrated to make sure the competition never takes over.

At first 2 years ago, I thought this was silly, but I couldn’t prove it wrong, and it all started when I couldn’t find a picture of Earth from outter space, the ones I did were all photoshopped. None of them ever look the same over the years.

Not only this, they have no data from the moon landings. No telemetric data, black box nothing. But we managed to store enough fuel to make it there and back, and drive a moon buggy lol.

How do rocket fueled engines work in an atmosphere that has no oxygen? What fuels the rocket fuel? If you put a cup over a candle, the fire will die because the lack of oxygen. Again this is just common every single day living and breathing experience backed by simple logical, scientific observations. Just like our experience with water, light and movement. 

I believe the stars are the angels of heaven obeying God’s every command. Our inner light, our soul, our emotions are all generated through the firmament. 

The jealous fallen angels are the elements on the periodic chart that wanted to create their own version of Gods Kingdom on Earth.  

The bible states the stars are for signs and seasons. I believe this is directly related to our climate and horoscopes. We absorb these elements of the environment around us as we are being created in the womb and even testicles. 

So all the chemical reactions taking place in the human body are determining the human body that you become. You are what you eat. Again this is like adding salt to a glass of water. Altering chemicals and creating something. Our human body consists of the same exact laws in a beautifully purposeful design. 

All addictions come from chemical imbalances. This is why people can’t stop. To defeat addiction it must start in the mind.

The Sonoluminescence that the stars in the firmament is what creates our personality and true direct connection to God our ever loving creator. Through our pineal gland. I find the zodiac signs to be deadly accurate with every person I know. Our personalities are generated through the sound, light and vibrations of the stars.  

Our creator was a Gardner, he gave us enough light so we don’t burn, enough cold so we don’t freeze. He gave us trees so we could live and breathe. He put here the birds and bees, as to our hands and knees. He gave us ears to hear and our eyes to see. He gave us our hands to create and the entire earth at our feet. He gave us a tongue so we could share his glory, he gave us our hearts so we could write our own version of His story.

If you love peace and the truth about the world as we know it, you will look into this with an open mind and heart and share it with everyone you know. And start taking action, not for us but our future generations. 

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