Rock stars

Firmament = firmer men/t.


The plasma where the sonoluminescence of the stars of heaven manifest the physical chemistry of the reality we experience in the human body.
Best way to explain is it, like giving life to a statue. Or pulling a cake out of the oven after preparing the ingredients.

Sonoluminsense is the essence of the manifestation of the heavens. The 12 tribes of Israel or constellations sit inside the firmament for the seasons which give our life on earth and our individual personality. We know them as the zodiac or horoscopes.
Israel is not a reference in the bible for a country, it’s  reference to the Isis ra el or Sun, Moon and Stars. The 12 tribes are the constellations of the stars and the zodiac.



They used the stars as a tool to plant, prepare and harvest. But I think it is used more for creating people with personalities. That’s why the dates of false flags are so important.
The world = the whirl-ed.
Like a wheel,  A cycle. Life, death new life(resurrection). Cold hot, balance.

God sent his only sun to save the world.. Every day is a new creation of life.

Greeks had many gods and they are all representations of the different lights in the sky.
This is why they push the vaccinations. We are all reincarnated. They don’t want to give us any chance.


The stars are the elements found on the periodic table. Zinc, iron, mercury etc… The age of aquarius will be a reference to the strongest element closest to the sun during that time. Giving off that frequency or range of energy to every living body.

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