The Human Body Calendar 

7. Seven days of creation.

Represented by 7 days, 7 continents on Earth, 7 colours in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Our skulls have 7 holes,which represent the 7 days of the week..

2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, 1 mouth.

These are the 7 wandering stars known as planets. They are sonoluminescence. Sound trapped in a bubble, which produces light. These determine our personalities.

28 Day Reincarnation Cycle. 


The fingers on our hands consist of 28 phalangees. The lines inbetween each finger.

We create our own reality with our own two hands. Some people use them to build, write, touch, feel. We use our hands to project energy.

The phalangees are also consistent with the 28 day cycles of the moon and the reproductive system.

Ancients used to harvest,plant,farm and hunt by the phases of the moon. Harvesting by the Moon

The 14 phalangees on one hand, represent the 14th day of a the fertile womb.

This is known to be the most fertile time for women. On the 14th day, the woman is menstruating, shedding new blood. out with the old and in with the new. Exactly in sync with the moon.

The Moonlight is Cold Energy

The moon’s light is cold energy. The moon light has been measured to be 7 to 10 degrees colder than moon shade. The tempreture plays a major role on all life forms.

The 28 day moon cycle are used to represent a month.
13 Joints, 13 Months.

Jesus had 12 disciples, Muhammad had 12 Imams. In total 13 Men allowed the spirit of God to move. 13 full moons in the year.

52 Bones in the feet

We also have 52 bones in both of our feet. This represents the 52 weeks in a year.

So using our human body we can determine a calendar based on 7 day, 28 day cycle, 13 month,52 week to a year. With a single day off for rest.

This alignment is directly insync with the Heavens above. Mentally, physically, spiritually.

For more information regarding the effects of the moon and how the calendar works in detail visit Law of

When God said he created us in his image. He really meant it.

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