We Were Written by God

Thank You God for allowing me to see your beautiful ways. I am forever grateful for your love, it is only you who I praise. My heart only beats at your command, Thank you for everything, creator of Man.

Jesus Christ, the Cross, the Proof.
The ultimate tool against the devil is the Cross and the Holy Bible. Some secret societies prefer a square and compass. They try to draw boundaries on Society. But God is forever. As proven in the code of creation 3,6,9 or Pi. Its in our Skin, in Our trees and bees. In our soul it is light, frequency and vibration.

The proof that every single person on Earth, whether they like it or not are born with Jesus Christ embedded is in there Skull and bones and God in their blood.

We Lebanese Christians have a saying that goes:

Salib Edak a wejak. “Cross over the face”. Is its direct translation. Although when used in context it means to make the sign of the cross and ask for God for guidance.

When you do the sign of the cross infront of your face, your are your pointing to your:

1. In the name of the father. Your brain (creator of thoughts, seat of consciousness, processor of information, North)

2. And of the Son. Your nose down to your mouth, down to your throat. (the air you breathe in, to the words that you speak, South.)

3. And Your Holy Spirit. Your eyes and ears. (What your eyes see and the sounds you hear, the eardrum, vocal chords to the heart. East and West)

4. Amen. Giving thanks. Acknowledging God’s glory.

The 33 years that Jesus lived to is represented in the number of bones that make up the Spine of the Human Skeleton.

Christ consciousness now we know is produced in the Pineal Gland of the Brain.

The 5 fingers on two hands represent the 5 senses we were all born with. Sight, smell, taste, sound, touch. The two hands are for giving and receiving, creating, sharing and working together.

The top of the spine is the Brain, processor of information, the knowing of wrong and right. It is the window to the soul. It receives and gives information, it translates light, sound, through the 7 holes we have in our Skulls. Ears, nostrils, eyes and mouth. This was written. God created the world in 7 days. 7 continents on Earth, 7 notes of music, 7 colours of the rainbow. These are all tangible, measurable, repeatable observations that most of our science comes from. 

The lines inbetween each one of our 5 senses starting with the ‘Name of the Father’, down, directly through your nose, ‘and to the Son’, down to your mouth, back up again, crossing the Pineal Gland for the 2nd time, ‘And the Holy Spirit’, Left to Right. Make out the Cross that he died on. Perfectly symmetrical, just like good and bad. Night and Day.

Every human born has a brain, nose, mouth, ears, and eyes that line up perfectly. Symmetrical, for sharing and receiving. Cross is the instrument of measure, or the tool, which can be used to identify or mould the armour that is the skull,  which carries the light of God. It was written that God made man in his image.

The Holy Spirit comes in the form of Air, Light, Sound and the entire world that we are enclosed in on Earth. Every vibration, every ray of light, chirping bird, every wind that blows through your hair. God is all around us, dictating our every heart beat and breathe we take. The sounds we can not stop from entering our ears, the blinks we have no control over. Air dictates the vital function of the human body, from blood to organs. Its what keeps our feet firmly planted into mother Earth. Its how information travels!

Unfortunately the same works with artificial lighting from tv,phones wifi blue tooth, radiation,chemotherapy, food and pharmaceutical drugs. These devices destroy the human body. The devil is well hidden and always appears as an angel to to tempt the weak and lazy who dwell in darkness. 

The information we feed our body, creates a chemical reaction, that produces signals to every single microscopic cell in the human body. Which in turn plays a roll on our behavior, thought process and emotions. Informatiom comes in the form of the 5 senses! 

The Pineal Gland sits at the intersection of your eyes, ears and brain. The Holy Trinity. This is the antenna that translates information from the outside world, to the inside world and vice versa, giving and receiving. Which creates our every thought. It produces our sleep and emotion. In essence it is the window of the soul.

Look closely at your skin, you will see the hexagonal structure. This is God’s fingerprint. This is how bees build their hives, snake skin, Every single blade of grass, to beehive, to tree trunk has this physical, tangible, measurable imprint of God. Sacred geometrical patterns when looked under a microscope too. 

The 28 bones we have in our fingers represent the womens reproductive cycle. The 28 days of a Lunar calendar, farmers used the moon to plant and harvest crops. Two hands to give back to the earth that shaped him. The lesser light that rules the night. 

The words we speak about others can make or break someone’s spirit, our thoughts and hands create our reality, our own two feet can take us anywhere in the world. Every hard effort, every heart beat, every blood, sweat and tear, holds purpose memory or intent. Has already been proven to hold memory, when looked at under a microscope! It holds geometric patterns, created by thoughts, and intentions.

So when the sun comes out, you wake up in the morning, when you first open your eyes, give thanks to God. 

The ten commandments on your ten fingers are all between yourself and God. Not your husband or wife. We need to thank God, he said it himself, ‘I am a jealous God’. He does not want to be cheated on, he does not want you to worship money, God comes before your right hand. When he created man in his image, he meant You and Me. Two hands for all of us.

Mind your thoughts before you speak, see for own eyes and ears. 

Salib Edak a Wejak.

And Thank God.

Thank you God, 

glory be to God forever.

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