What are we

The innermost celestial luminaries (The Wandering Stars) when tracked and graphed over time relative to a stationary Geocentric Earth make these patterns and I would propose each is locked into a certain frequency path in resonance relative to the “tone” harmonic interval it makes based on frequency rather than mass “orbit” based on centrifugal forces and inertia etc.

The “tones” are at frequencies, energies and amplitudes far beyond what we can hear obviously. But, I would strongly suggest are powerful enough to cause “enharmonic” or “sympathetic vibration” in all matter here in Earth. To give rise to coalescence and order in life at the atomic level and beyond.

Electromagnetic light emitting sonoluminescence and triboluminescence in cymatics action. Sonoluminescence is the emission of short bursts of light from imploding bubbles in a liquid when excited by sound.Triboluminescence is light emitted by piezoelectric crystals and solids when under great pressure. I think we are looking at both phenomena in these pictures and videos of the Heavens.

From what I’ve delved into in detail so far in my quest I’ve come to conclude that the firmament / glass like Dome has at least two layers. Both contain gas bubbles (containing different types of gasses) within the glass and perhaps some triboluminescent crystals / metal halide type inclusions within the glass that creates light and piezoelectricity when under the pressure from the heavy water above and between the two layers. One layer contains the wandering stars and the other the statically placed but perfectly synchronous rotating ones seen in time lapse video and photography of the milky way etc. The glass is most likely Libyan Glass and Tektite groups of natural glasses formed from intense heat. They are the only natural glasses that can handle the 2000C degree ranges found in the upper most atmosphere / thermosphere that starts around 100 km to 600 km. The layers move independently to give these differing patterns that are so consistent over many millennia. It seems to make sense to me as it would act very much like a vibrating wine glass reacting to a singers voice caused by our natural resonance from magnetic fields. Induction more or less.

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