Jet Fuel 

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Did you know jet engines don’t require petrol or jet fuel? so all our aeroplanes right now, and since the beginning of time have and are running on Compressed Air. They are also directed and piloted automatically by Remote Control. But what I have written about today is strictly about the JET FUEL lie.


The weight of the required so called jet fuel is alot more than the actual weight of the plane. The total weight of the plane, is less than the fuel required to operate it, when everyone is boarded.


Read that again and let it sink in.

If take off load is 220,000kgs and you need 180,000 litres for a ten hour flight, and the plane itself weighs 82,000kgs. WHERE THE F DOES THE 180,000KGS OF GASOLINE GO???

WTF IS THE FIRE?? *updated 18/04/18

Secondly, there is no room on the entire plane for 180 tonnes of liquid fuel, water or anything in the wings. It’s physically impossible when looking at the dimensions and running gear, like the flaps and turbines. Not to mention the landing gear and wheels.


Another give away You will notice is at the airports. You never ever see or ever smell any kind of petrol or jet fuel. Not in the plane, not when boarding the plane, not even when catching the bus on the tarmac to your next flight at Dubai airport.


Also it would take 8 oil tankers to fill up every single plane!!


Every single flight!!

To load up 180 tonnes of jet fuel in the wings would take Forever.

The wings would not even be able to support 210 tonnes of anything, they are light weight aluminium.


Lol. I know. It’s amazing right.
It all runs on Compressed Air.


Another important thing to note, is that an aeroplane that holds that much liquid would be impossible to take off the way it does and turn in mid air like it does.

The aerodynamics of moving 181,000 litres or 49,000 gallones of liquid make it impossible to fly, When thinking about how ALL liquids react to moving objects.

The motion of liquid when moving is never still. No matter how contained it is, liquids will always move, if the container is in motion.


The only time water does not move, is when it is lying perfectly still. Not moving, Level, Untouched. Not in motion.


So remembering the natural laws of physics, especially liquids and movement, and even the aeroplane itself is built out of light weight aluminium. Do you actually think it can sustain the g force and tank slapping of the weight of all that fuel?

It’s called tank slapping for a reason.

take off.jpg

Another way to put it is like, tipping over a 400kg barrel drum of beer. A few pushes will get the liquids making a motion, with the right weight and force… boom!! spillage! Over the edge she goes.


So why would it be any different on an aeroplane. ESPECIALLY at the mentioned speeds and altitudes and windy conditions!!


When Bruce Lee said Be like water, this is what he meant. Be still, be one. But I’ll save this for another time.

They constantly reinforced the petrol lie  through every single Hollywood action film that has an explosion in it.. Lol. I bet you have images of them running through your head right now. Lol. Celebrities are paid to sell things.


Think about all the explosions you see in movies, bombs going off, tanker EXPLOSIONS and It’s that simple. This is why we will have a hard time accepting this very obvious fact.


I can keep going on, but the points are very strong and they come from using your own common senses, basic understanding of nature, the physical properties of engineering and every single day experience.

Remember this every single time you go to fill your car with petrol.

This is also super important because it COMPLETELY shatters the 911 story even further. The main argument their was that the jet fuel burnt steel beams, the jet fuel ran down the elevator shafts, and the jet fuel caused the explosion!

All of the events of September 11 2001 were blamed on the ignition of fuel. Not bombs.



Think 911 and what came after it.


Think about this in the next few days when you HAVE to fill up petrol.

Then in another week’s time, think about it again.

And every other time you will have to fuel up for along as you live. Lol.

I haven’t even touched on the dirty motor engines that is destroying the health of people, black, white, Muslim it does not discriminate. The combustion engines are especially our toxic to our environment and everything in it.


Please share this with everyone who drives a car, is a petrol head, loves his drifting, likes his motorbikes. A call to rev heads.

This free compressed air technology should be used in all our cars starting tomorrow. And this can start by sharing this with every single person you know who owns a car.

Its not about money or oil, its about controlling your reality. Keeping you in  the dark.

Here is a video which explains every bit of detail :


Recent plane crashes that prove jet fuel is not onboard aeroplanes:

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