We Were Written by God

Thank You God for allowing me to see your beautiful ways. I am forever grateful for your love, it is only you who I praise. My heart only beats at your command, Thank you for everything, creator of Man. Jesus Christ, the Cross, the Proof. The ultimate tool against the devil is the Cross and … Continue reading We Were Written by God

The Facts of Matter. 

Flat Earth is the true shape of our home, according to all flight paths, emergency landings, shipping routes, compasses, spirit levels that we build buildings with, all international communication is run under ground, all satellites are fake, they are just ground based cell phone towers, this is why buildings are only 200 storeys tall. So … Continue reading The Facts of Matter. 

What are we

The innermost celestial luminaries (The Wandering Stars) when tracked and graphed over time relative to a stationary Geocentric Earth make these patterns and I would propose each is locked into a certain frequency path in resonance relative to the "tone" harmonic interval it makes based on frequency rather than mass "orbit" based on centrifugal forces … Continue reading What are we