Crohn’s Disease continued…

Crohn’s Disease part 2.

My previous post on my life experience with Crohn’s Disease can be found here:

Today is Monday the 16th of April.
The last time I smoked Marijuana was on Easter Sunday 1st of April, 2 weeks or 15 days ago. Not for any particular reason, just to take a break from it. I do feel alot more focus and clear minded while not smoking marijuana. But all symptoms of Crohn’s disease have slowly come back.


With a consistent diet which consists of nothing but fruit, vegetables, rice, dry yogurt, olives in Lebanese bread sandwiches, cheese and tomato on toast and water. No caffeine or chocolate or rubbish food. No alcohol. Very little meat.

Still weight training 4 times a week. And specifically No Marijuana. Drinking only water.

The results are as follow:
-7 trips to the bathroom before midday.
-Watery poops, which have to be flushed 2 times, some times more.
-Bowels feel full, and anxious waiting to go bathroom.
-There is less than 1 hr between each trip to the bathroom.
-Pimples/acne breakout.
-Ulcer on upper lip.
-Burning sensation on my bottom.




I never ever get pimples or these outbreaks! These are directly related to the bacteria in my intestines. Which I strongly believe is passed through the fluoride, chlorine and God knows what other rubbish they put in the water and if not the entire plumbing system of Sydney, Australia.

Mentally I feel awesome, thinking clearer, can focus alot better while not smoking weed.
These outbreaks are not common for me. However, the ulcers and burning sensation are very well known to me as it is a direct result of the Crohn’s Disease. The frequent trips to the bathroom are noticeable to all my family members.

I noticed the symptoms were building up over the last 3 days. Its not the first time and sure won’t be the last!

I am writing this on the 8th trip, on the dunny!

Picture to follow.

In the name of Research I apologise in advanced for the poop pic.


As you can see, watery stools, nothing solid!

Will update this post as soon as I smoke some weed, which will most likely be tonight. Will provide poop pic after smoking weed to compare the results.


Smoked a joint at about 8.30pm, 3 hrs after this initial post. Haven’t been to the bathroom since. Have had 2 smalls meals of oregano and cucumber sandwiches and chicken n rice.

Will update in the morning.

OK so the morning is here, it’s 10,30am, slept through the night with no bowel movements or feeling of needing to go to the bathroom.

My first bowel movement and here is the effect that Marijuana had on my body.

Warning incoming Poop Pic.

As you can see, it’s solid. Only after a single joint of Marijuana!

It’s a night and day difference. Marijuana is a remarkable plant that without a shadow of a doubt has an outstanding healing effect on the entire digestive tract and human body, especially after a single dose!!

If this does not prove the powerful healing effects of Marijuana nothing will! Please share with everyone who has Crohn’s Disease.


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