Physical Properties of Prayer 

Psalms 43:10:

“Be still and know that I am God”

Why meditation works, it works because your body is completely still and motionless. Like calm peaceful waters. Nothing is physically moving or crashing around within us. As we our human bodies are 75% contained water. 

Just like a glass of calm, pure,  clear, peaceful water. 
Think about how our body is 75% water, and how and what it is contained in. 
Can you imagine the waves, the forces, the panic that plays on your body, can you see the physical tensions it creates? 

How stressed out do you feel when your running late for an appointment, work, or anything in general?

Your panicking, your running, dodging cars, doing everything physically possible to make it on time. A constant state of fear. 

If we think about it in terms of water, then their are crashing waves everywhere inside of us. 

Water pressure, is caused by being heated up, anger etc.. 

So being literally being a still body, like of that water, is surely going to bring you inner peace.

And this is the power of prayer, when you are completely still and focusing on your breathing and only this, you are taking in the holy spirit of air, and paying attention to its message. 
You give further instructions to every living cell in your body, who are able to receive your message, as their is no forces interrupting them. 

And this is the secret of alchemy. 

Life starts on the inside, then makes its way to the outside. Which we know is represented by the Fibonacci sequence or Pi. 

Be like water,

we are water.

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