O!!!! My G#D

periodic-table-element-oxygen-icon-white-background-79171513After watching this a 3rd time,

It still blows my mind! Magnificent work Sir.

Full playlist is here:

My thoughts I would like to share.

Plasma is adjacent to Dr Evil’s Magma 😉

The hardest but most important thing to do for people is to cleanse their body of all the toxins and metals,
this is EXACTLY why they are chemtrailing us, so we are taken or burnt up from the plasma!

Aluminum, Lead, Lithium, all chemicals in vaccines and chemtrails are filled with these.
Your lungs, blood, skin, hair! This is why it being carried out DAILY.
2018 could be the year!

We are the harvest of the crop! Or blood sacrifice for the controllers.

Red pill, blue pill… The red pill(sky) is coming for everyone to see!
Plasma is like a pulse, a heart beat, the red and blue are found our veins, blue on the outside, red on the inside.
The giant body we are in is sending plasma to get rid of the infection.
The infection is hiding underground, behind politicians and are easily recognizable.
We see this when we cut our finger or heal from injury. Body healing itself.

Earth is the Heart
Infection on the earth > infection in the Heart.

Very easy to understand and heal when you combine Biology with Geology
our blood contains iron, copper and minerals.
So does our entire ecosystem, we use these materials for construction.
It’s all very basic alchemy, biology, electricity, all types of engineering, on a GIGANTIC scale.

Blood is PLASMA, your HEART pumps blood and OXYGEN! Pulsing.

The people who know all this are the people who are controlling ALL our resources, the good and the bad.
OIL(Iraq, LIbya, Syria, Yemen), STEEL,(England, North Europe) LITHIUM(afghanistan), CANNABIS/MINERALS/GOLD(africa)

A.K.A The Western world powers, under the guise of the UNITED KINGDOM’s “COMMONWEALTH” (common wealth, shared wealth) (ISRAEL, UK, US, AUSTRALIA CANADA, EUROPE(FRANCE, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND ETC……..) OCEANIA

They’ve been covering it up with PLAStic Surgery, fake news, fake information, fake jobs, fake history, fake money, fake people, fake friends(agents/masons/informants)


What is our Purpose? I dont know yet! UNITY IS KEY

You must start eating clean! it is going to greatly effect the outcome!

The best way is Distilled Water.
Water REPULSES MAGNETS. and creates a path for metals to leave your system. Water finding its own level 😛
This is why cats hate water! they have a electromagnetic rod in their tails and their infared through the eyes, it messes up their frequency, so they stay away from it, even if its in bottled in the garden.
Just like water creates chaos to all electronics,
This is why they fluoride the water.
To make sure we are disrupted.

Water holds memories which are invisible, but Emotional.
Emotion = em – OCEAN – em = Electro Magnetic OCEAN.
Emotion = Energy in Motion = E+motion
People SAW things before they could NAME them!!
This is why words are so important.

We can physically see water,
and we know the invisible(gas) ingredient in Water is Air,
cause water only becomes water when 2 hydrogen atoms find an oxygen atom.
Creating H2O.


AIR – THE BREATHE OF LIFE (bread of life – wisdom, knowledge)
GENESIS 2:4 “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”

OXYGEN OR AIR is equal to Information of living things. Data has become invisible too with the cloud(impurities)
the ‘time travel’ or reincarnation, born again, realisation, learning, growth.
With every single breath of fresh air. You are absorbing memories from the life that lived on earth before.
MOLECULAR Communication through the airwaves.
GENEtically passed down through your biological parents and life experience,
and subconsciously absorbed through the AIR all around the world, from the people who are living and the ones that have died, through our five senses. Represented with our 5 fingers.

Musical instruments come from dead animal skin and bones for drums, Hair for pianos etc…
Music comes from the Soul. Airwaves from the inside, emotion
Dance is energy in motion, emotion, heart beat, rythm.
Played through the ear drum into the HEART.

All forms of energy are recycled and create new energy.

Energy changes forms.
Even physical dead trees as logs are reused for fire. which create smoke, which goes into the atmosphere and absorbed into our lungs and trees, and LIVES ON. RESURRECTION!

Negatives will turn to Positives,
Order+ out of -Chaos.
Blue has been negative, Red is the positive.

Its all simple BIOLOGY and CHEMISTRY

ABC = Air Biology Chemistry.

ALL living things, visible or invisible need AIR to exist or TRAVEL. From light to sound.
Even smell!
AIR is necessary to COMMUNICATE, and Transmit information/data.
AIR, or OXYGEN, or the holy spirit, holy ghost.
Supersonic for bats and animals,
infared for TV and remote,
and WIFI is electromagnetic,
Only possible through AIR.

This is why they try to keep all the AIR waves negative.
24/7 Constant distraction to your 5 senses
and fear, debt, the unknown are for your mind, the 6th sense(supernatural abilities, Godlike)
This is why news is ALWAYS negative (Negative Energy Wave Signal)

All this to stop you from being STILL and STATIONERY and GROUNDED.


Prayer, meditation.

Thank you for sharing! You may have very well saved the entire human race Brian? we should call you,

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