A Lebanese man, born under the star sign of Scorpio in the year 1988, in search for the truth after being hospitalised with Crohn’s Disease at the ripe age of 18.
In his conquest to heal himself. He finds out that many of his so called doctors, specialists, lawyers, accountants, public officials, and even friends are really his very own enemies. Freemasons or occultism.

Qualified as a builder, he’s passion for it died, when he learned it was ALL a scam. From building resources, to the council approvals and banking loans.

It is ALL a rigged system to keep people in debt, and away from their one true self.

The freemasons gangstalked his reality before his very own eyes. From his illness with Crohn’s disease to his company Sycon Group. For trying to bring down the truth.

Betrayed, alone, his only friend is the very thing that saved him from being butchered up by the doctors…

The internet.

Freedom of speech.

Voice, reason, research, communication, information but most importantly…


Armed with knowledge, blessed with an almighty natural physique, and given the loving gentle humoured nature, with all the wisdom of the heavenly angels. This blog is the best way in which he could express himself. When every legal entity in society wouldn’t.

Through out you will find writing, music, dance and art. His goal is to awaken others.

Like the many great icons that revealed and shared sacred hidden knowledge, Shadie immortalises Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur and Jim Carrey. He aspires to inspire the world through expressing his thoughts through the digital platform.

Expression. is performance art, it is music, it is rhythm, it is rage it is that which is the reflection of the inner most emotion, the very heart beat that that pumps the blood into every living fibre in his human body. Where heaven and earth meet. In between your very own temple.

When he is not at work building(fuelling a corrupt government), he enjoys reading, listening to music and training. He hopes one day to build a university back home in the Wedi Quannoubine of Lebanon.

This is the power he has as an individual. With the same internet that helped sculpt our day to day lives, he invites you all as individuals, who can gather anywhere, at any given time from all over the world and give power to the things that matter, visit and bring attention to it. And educate ourselves and our society around us.

His only goal is to empower others to believe and express themselves. To help educate people with the knowledge, so they don’t go through what he went through.

To share in depth, passion fueled research with the world.

To expose freemasonry lies and deception, this is the key to ending poverty on Earth.

Sharing this with everyone you know will help spread the message across.