Crohns Disease

A good history report of my Crohn’s disease. Outlines all the medications I was on during 2011 to 2013. Dr Samuel Douglas will still not release my medical records to me. If I was to list the side effects of these drugs, it would be equivalent to living cancer.

I was on Methotrexate injections in 2012. I won’t t forget the injection which was administered in my left arm by Dr Prasad from Hilltop road. When she injected it, I felt the entire left side of my body pinched, like it hit a nerve. Still to this day I can feel it. It I never felt like this when Dr Desai gave me the injection. Dr Desai is a great doctor.

The side effects of these ‘medicines’ left me with brittle bones, brittle teeth and hair loss. I had no desire for sex. I could not sit in the sun, it was a side effects of the methotrexate.

I was also aenimic and had to get a blood transfusion in 2012 from the methotrexate destroying my white blood cells. Dr Douglas Samuel is the specialist who prescribed me all these toxic medications. At the time I thought he was doing his best to help me. But he wasn’t. I was just an experiment to him and his Jewish owners at Pfizer.

I went to Lebanon for my birthday to find other treatment. But it was no luck. The Lebanese doctor, who had studied in France, he did a colonoscopy on me. I was watching the camera on the screen, and I could see the procedure as it was happening inside my intestines. After all this he told me there’s no cure and prescribed imuran and prednisone. The colonoscopy showed 33 cm of infection in my lower intestine.

Being bed ridden for two weeks at my Uncle George’s house. With severe Diarrhoea and vomiting, mostly at the same time. I probably weighed about 55kilos at the time. My hair was so thin, and I had no appetite, no energy. I spent most of the time reading and learning about my disease and always asked God why me.

I will never forget the day my father called me from Australia, it was the day I started praying to MarCharbel. I said ‘MarCharbel, Ana jeyi la 3ndak, I don’t care if I crap my pants the entire way, let me walk to you.’ it’s amazing how much a voice can help.

I took a sip of my lemonade washed myself and started to walk with my cousin Kevin to MarCharbel’s chapel in Bakafra. I lived in Hasroun. Which is about a 1hr walk. We walked it with ease. MarCharbel was walking with me in spirit, I still believe with all my heart he walks with me today. After this day I believed I could achieve anything and that I was truly blessed. I was not on any medication and was eating again. How much I missed eating Lebanese food. Oh wow.
I get back to Australia and go see my specialist Dr Douglas Samuel, he booked me in for a heaps of tests.

This report above shows that my 36cm of inflammation in my intestines had been healed and under control. And it’s all thanks to marijuana. The comment St the bottom says there’s only 10cm left.

When I say that MarCharbel walks with me in spirit, I mean, I close my eyes and ask a question, and the answers will come to me. Ego less, a vessel of God, blessed with the ability to understand. I had never touched any illegal drugs before MarCharbel walked into my life.

What I learned and developed a real passion for was food for medicine, the human body, and mental ability. But most importantly I was instructed to share the good news no matter what. To help other people so they would never have to go through what I went though.

I learned that food is the source of medicine. And the cleaner the food the better your body and brain will function. I learned to be humble and grateful for everything I was ever given including my disease. Living in a 3rd world country really opens your mind body and heart to alot of hardships and realities of the real world. The side effects of capitalism.

For me to get better, it all came down to and I still remember the question I asked myself.

If you can’t physically control what you are putting into your mouth, what control do you have over anything in your life?

What you put in is what you get out. It’s as simple as that.

I wish people would be more more disciplined in this area. But I now realise that most of the problems come from addiction. Takeaway food is laced with addictive and harmful chemicals. And the body becomes accustomed to it.

I learned for myself that the my Crohn’s disease was a result of soft drink addiction to Coca-Cola. And Lebanese bread, and all bread in general.

But more importantly from the way we were forced to sit for many long hours of the day inside a classroom. For 13 years straight. The second I cut soft drink and bread out, I went back to the gym and my life changed dramatically. Then I cut out yeast and artificial food, slowly slowly over the years. These days I eat once or twice a day and try to stay hydrated.

Crohn’s disease is in the tap water. It is a living bacteria, my doctor and specialist don’t tell me this. In august 2016 I fasted for 14 days, gave all my research to Dr Douglas Samuel and he didn’t give a fuck. All my diet, hand written notebook, photos of stools, before and after. And he did not care. He told me I should become a politician, ha! if only, marijuana will be legalised the day I walked in. I asked him seriously for my paper work 3 times and he said he would send it. But it is July 2017 and I still have not received anything except my business being turned to shit.

My Causes of Crohn’s disease

1. Terrible diet, specifically soft drink, sugar, anything artificial.

2. Stress and pressure. Emotional trauma destroys the body faster than any drug.

3. Physical activity. Lack of physical activity or desk jobs cut off circulation to the vital organs such as solar plexus and quads and legs. Which is a vital energy point of the body.

4. After fasting for 7 days, I know that with all my heart that EVERY DISEASE comes from the Fluoride in the water.

Treatment for Crohn’s disease

1. Completely cut out soft drink and Fast Food!! Soft drink was brining the interior lining of my intestine. Doctors won’t tell you that but I will.
2. Avoid artificial foods. Ie. Anything that’s packaged. BPA in plastic is a endocrine disruptor. It turns boys into girls. Creates autism and neurological disorders. It’s sad and so destructive cause it’s not just limited to the packaging. Most of the fast food restaurants use fetuses in there product. McDonald’s, KFC.
3. A complete fast for 14 days only drinking filtered or alkalized water. The fast helps kill the bacteria by starving it off. Not only does it get rid of bacteria, it helps your immune system to grow stronger. It also greatly improves your mental willpower and discipline.
4. Colloidal silver to destroy the bacteria. I tried this when I was fasting and it felt amazing. Could feel it working in the bloodstream instantly.
5. Marijuana literally cured me over night, I saved this til last cause of the prejudice that comes with it. But nature is the best medicine and in balance everything is harmonic. It helps when you can’t get to clean tap water, or your eating bad.
6. Exercise, even if it is just walking, you need to get blood pumping and circulating all over the body.

7. Meditation, alone time with God or yourself. Deep prayer and relaxation. This allows our brain to register our emotion and set our intention for our body.
There is so much more to writeand go into detail but it’s 3.55am and I wouldn’t know where to start or finish! If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask.
More paper work found. 2016 in August I had an appointment with my specialist Dr Douglas Samuel it was to try to get prescription marijuana oil. During the time I was asked to stop smoking weed. At the time it was 4 times week and I felt invincible, I had no symptoms. Normal bowel movements, and no medication whatsoever. I was waking up at 6 am everyday and gym training after work. Daily.

When I stopped marijuana under instruction of the specialist the symptoms magnified. Which I now learnt came from the fluoride in the Australian water supply. Here are the notes on my experience.

As the notes show, I couldn’t even make it for the entire 6 weeks as requested. The symptoms got too bad. I had taken these notes and photographs to Dr Samuel Douglas at Bankstown hospital and he didn’t care. He could not prescribe me marijuana, and told me I should become a politician for trying to help anyone. I replied with, I will never sell my soul. We also discussed the flat earth. And he said I was a wise man. I asked for my medical records and he said he will send them. He was clearly upset with me at this time. And I left his office. I spoke to the woman at the desk, reminding her to send me my medical records which will reveal the details of the blood transfusion in 2012 and other specifics with Dr Meredith from Burwood.

As of 4 December have no symptoms of Crohn’s disease.

No ulcers, no eye infections, no stomach pain, no burning in the stomach, no running to the bathroom.

A smoke of marijuana keeps symptoms away for at least 7 days.

After arriving from Lebanon on 14 November. Here are some results
Warning Stool Pics below

Same diet and same time of day. Only Variable is the marijuana I smoked in the morning. On the day the picture below was taken.

Me and my body at the time of this update