Our creator was a Gardner, it was he that planted the our seeds
and gave us all our wonderful thoughts and good deeds.

He gives us light in darkness, with him there is nothing to fear,
for he is the almighty one that gave us dominion of everything that surrounds us here.

From the very first day we were born…
He gave us the sun to keep us warm,
and truly blesses us with a soul mate to fight through any and every storm.

In him you must believe.

For everything is precisely as it seems,
from the millimetres to the temperature and degrees.

It is He who sketched out our world, and carved out the Seven Seas.
He moulded the mountains, the trees,
the birds and the bees, everything our eyes can see,

without them it would be impossible for us to ever think or breathe.

He gave us a heart that beats and lungs that breathe, in which require no input of our own
He is the One that structured every inch and centimetre of our bones.

All this from his throne in which sits above,
he is our creator, of infinite peace, happiness and love.

He looked after us on this ‘life’ deal,
he granted every one of us with free will.
And all we had to do was ‘thou shall not kill.’

In the womb we were conceived, from our head to our toes,
til this very day science still doesn’t even know!

But how can that be so? how can it not show?

When it is he who has blessed us with the sense of sight, touch, taste, smell, and even sound
every where we look, Your heavenly beauty can be found.

Especially in the works of your ground.
From your fruits that we absorb through our tongue and teeth,
to the very Earth that rests under our feet.

For every single breathe we take, from when we sleep and while we are awake,
You consume every thought, decision and bodily function that we can possibly make.

It hurts when my family ridicule and laugh,
but it is I who laughs,
cause I know it’s you who is behind the creation of every single blade of grass.

Thank you God for wrapping me up in this present moment, covered in bones and skin.
I know when I need to find you, all I have to do is look with in.

You gave us a tongue so we could share your glory, you gave us our hearts so we could feel your  story.

My name is Shadie Younan, but to you my lord, goes all the glory.