Whats in a name?
Shadie Younan

In the Quran means seeker of knowledge.

Shaddai in Hebrew means name of the lord.

Shaa’di my grandmother defined it as the Son of God. ‘Eben Yeseuh.’

Shared Ear, my Grand Father and dad’s pronunciation. Shared-i or shed-i. Told me it was the sun of God.

Shady the Aussie pronounciation, a shady place or character.

Shadie to me means, the tree that provides shade from the heat. The comfort between all dualities.

My Name is Shadie Younan, I was born and raised in Australia. My parents migrated from Lebanon to Australia in order for a new life as work was and is still scarce after the War.

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Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia

After frequently visiting Lebanon from 2011 to 2014 for medical purposes (Crohn’s Disease). I have grown to love every simple aspect of its unique way of life, its mesmerizing landscape and the sacred history which carried Christianity to this present day, and most importantly the farming and producing of life in the form of fruits and vegetables, farming, education and understanding. Even after returning to Australia I felt like I could never ever be too distant or away from Lebanon for a long time.

Letter from Crohn’s Disease Dr Samuel Douglas (he’s a crook)

In 2014 while in Lebanon, I was blessed by Saint Charbel, since that day I have never had a problem with Crohn’s Disease, as a matter of fact it has completely disappeared. Which led to me learn about our Maronite Heritage, Prayer, Meditation, Reaping what you Sow. Now in 2018 I consider myself a self taught expert in the Human body, Fruit and Vegetables as Medicine, and Christianity’s History.

My Grandparents on both my parents sides were born and raised in Lebanon, more specifically “the Valley of the Holy Saints” or The Holy Valley of Kadisha or Wedi Qannoubine. Where they grew their own produce and farmed their land producing every kind of fruit and vegetable imaginable. From Cherries to Pomegranates to Walnuts and Olive trees. Everything that could be grown was grown naturally and chemically free for over 40+ years.


The Valley itself is the most sacred valley in all of Lebanon, hence its name. It was shelter and refuge for practicing monks and hermits who were hunted down and slaughtered by the Ottoman Empire in the early 18th century. We have buildings and monasteries that were built in the 16th century. And I feel it is my calling to share these treasures with the entire world.


Since My Grandparents migration from the Wedi Qannoubine to Hasroun. The trees, the fruits, farms and live stock in the valley has been diminished, as their is no one their to maintain and restore life to the sacred valley. Ever since I have been healed I have made it my personal mission to go back and restore the homes, farms and heritage of the sacred land down in the Valley of the Saints. I have inherited the love, patience, understanding and wisdom of the people who came before me.


The altitude and climate of the valley make it possible for all produce to be GMO and Chemical free 1,000% NATURAL process of life. Natural lighting and nature climate which is given through the perfect altitude and ecosystem in which the Valley provides. All existing plants and forests are still alive today through the natural ecosystem. They only need maintenance and love which will be my service to the land for as long as I live.


I also use every aspect of the trees, leaves, bark, plants, vines to create natural medicines. Just like our ancient ancestors from all over the world used to cure all diseases and symptoms. Things like leaves of an apple tree can produce a remedy for the flu and colds. Bark off trees creates a miraculous tea that cures and cleans all blood problems. These are only a few examples. I have learnt special techniques while praying and sharing life with the monks of St Anthony’s Monastery.


In Australia, I studied building and construction and eventually set up my own Construction company in 2013. All though the money was good, the sacrifice was never worth it. The stress, the poison in the water, the foods wrapped in plastic. I was turned off life in Australia as everything is backwards. The science, technology, education, all backwards and CON-gressive, not PRO-gressive.

The Land Down Under?

Especially every day experience in the methods of construction and cheap, toxic materials being used to construct homes. The destruction of the environment, the pollution and the waste involved. Even the money and construction loans that ordinary hard working families take out and are stuck in for 30 years. I can no longer do it with a clear conscious. I have washed my hands with the life of the Western world.


This is why I am motivated more than ever to bring 1,000,000 people to Lebanon. And share with them God’s glory, the history of our land, and the beauty and significance of life on Earth. Whether its cruising the Coast of the Mediterranean Sea, or Skiing up in the snowy mountains. Or whether  spending time in solitude in Earth’s natural caves and monasteries. I hope to share the Treasures of Lebanon with you.