What’s wrong with this picture? 

It's missing 150,000 gallons of Jet Fuel.  Hahahaha! 

Bottled water research! Shocking!! 

Wow, the exact cause my Crohn's disease. And I called it, told the specialist, showed him my notes and he told me to become a politician and kicked me out of his office.  Still waiting for my medical records from Bankstown hospital Dr Douglas Samuel.  Goes to show how Powerful our human bodies are for … Continue reading Bottled water research! Shocking!! 


From: http://www.reformation.org/rockefeller-global-earth-scam-exposed.html "Their measure is longer than the (flat) earth and wider than the sea" (Job 11:9). A circle or globe cannot be measured because a circle has no beginning or end....Only a FLAT PLANE can be measured. The circumference of a circle can be determined by the π formula. The earth is a PLANE … Continue reading THE ROCKEFELLER GLOBAL EARTH SCAM EXPOSED AT LAST!!