O!!!! My G#D

After watching this a 3rd time, https://youtu.be/W4tmja7GorQ It still blows my mind! Magnificent work Sir. Full playlist is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XezJPR7snAo&index=1&list=PLv7qBtPMGyXaeJhHgf1Ea5uwN5uRIThyN My thoughts I would like to share. Plasma is adjacent to Dr Evil's Magma ūüėČ The hardest but most important thing to do for people is to cleanse their body of all the toxins and … Continue reading O!!!! My G#D

THE EAR of dance

Life starts with voice, both giving and receiving. Following cymatics and pi we quickly see the spiral pattern starting at the ear, forming a brain and eventually the entire body.  What wakes us up from our sleep? Sound. The spoken word which causes vibrations is the beginning and the end. Vocal chords, ear drum, heart … Continue reading THE EAR of dance