Physical Properties of Prayer 

Psalms 43:10: "Be still and know that I am God" Why meditation works, it works because your body is completely still and motionless. Like calm peaceful waters. Nothing is physically moving or crashing around within us. As we our human bodies are 75% contained water.  Just like a glass of calm, pure,  clear, peaceful water.  … Continue reading Physical Properties of Prayer 


From: "Their measure is longer than the (flat) earth and wider than the sea" (Job 11:9). A circle or globe cannot be measured because a circle has no beginning or end....Only a FLAT PLANE can be measured. The circumference of a circle can be determined by the π formula. The earth is a PLANE … Continue reading THE ROCKEFELLER GLOBAL EARTH SCAM EXPOSED AT LAST!!


My confidence is radiant, powerful and magnetic for all to witness.  My deep, passionate drives possess me to reach new creative heights.  I allow no one else to define me, my beliefs or my morality.  Betrayal is met with dragonfire.  As I master myself through discipline and duty, my destiny is transformed.